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Ming and Qing palace area

Area was built in Ming and Qing Dynasty palace in November 1998, covering about 1,500 acres. It is the Imperial Palace in Beijing as the prototype, with reference to the palace during the Ming and Qing architecture, unique movie to create a way to follow the example of the Tang, Song, Yuan, etc. during the ritual, then integration in the Republic of architectural style, a blend of the Forbidden City palace, Royal gardens, the palace hall, and King City, temples, houses and other ancient alley ... View Detail

Emperor Qin Palace area

Emperor Qin Palace area is the historical epic 1997 film "" built, but also epic "Hero," "Kung Fu King" the birthplace of the scenic area covers an area of 600 mu, building area of over 110,000 square feet meters. There';s all kinds of magnificent palaces 27, 2289 m long, towering 18 meters high walls of the palace hall with each other. Main Palace "a house of four returnees" up to 44.8 meters, 600 meters in depth, the performance of the Qin Shi Huang vividly annexation of the six countries, ... View Detail

Guangzhou street Hong Kong street scenic spot

Guangzhou Street video filming base is part of the history of the famous guide Xie blockbuster film "Opium War" in August 1996 made the construction. Canton Street area covers an area of 320 acres, are more than 160 kinds of buildings, ancient streets criss-crossing the Pearl River through the city, restored 19th-century reproduction of the markets in Guangzhou customs. So far, the area has been "Opium War", "homing", "Yong Zheng Dynasty", "Romantic Swordsman", "Rise of ups and downs" and dozens ... View Detail

Expo City area Long March

Hengdian Long March Exhibition City is by far the largest country in the Red Army Long March theme of large comprehensive landscape; scenic roads within the experience of about 14 km long march on foot, bus tour routes for more than 10 km, is a red tourism, national defense education, militia training, team development, leisure and entertainment and Military Movies and TV drama shooting in one of the large multi-functional integrated park. Hengdian Expo City by the Long March project design and ... View Detail

Dream Valley area

Dream Valley area from the south of Yangtze River, Hengdian Street, the dream composition Culture Village covers an area of 338 acres, is a volcanic eruption, heavy rains and flash floods and other natural disasters, natural landscape as the main content of the large display television at night to experience the theme park. Zhejiang Jiangnan Water Village Set essence, vividly end of the Qing Jiangnan during the attitudes of the people';s livelihood and the kinds of style. Hengdian cross streets ... View Detail

House panel cave area

Screen House is a grotto-level scenic spots, Zhejiang Province, the Taoist practice of the blessed land, known as "First Jiangnan Cave" reputation. Within the scenic area in Zhejiang Province has the longest tourist cable, in a safe and comfortable cable car where you can enjoy the vast woodlands and beautiful scenery throughout the Hengdian. Perennial misty scenic walk on a cloud, between clouds dream, it seems that you came to the sense of the fairy world. Follow the Taoist culture, the ... View Detail

Riverside area

Riverside area was built in 1998, covers an area of 600 acres, more than 120 ancient buildings Font size Jiequ 15, 6 arch bridge, pier 9, arch 16, and countless lions, pier, stone horses, stone, more pavilions, decorated waterside Xuan Gallery which depicts the Northern Song Dynasty a thousand years ago the downtown scene Tokyo near the river, water transport and marketplace of life, folk customs. Riverside area is the TV drama shooting HengDian one of the most scenic spots, "smallLee Flying, ... View Detail

Dazhi Temple area

Dazhi magnificent temple area, majestic and impressive, covering 200 mu, building area of 20,000 square meters, the Zhejiang Provincial Government approved the establishment of Buddhist activities. Monastery in the area has a Main Hall, King Hall, gate house, three Temple, Hall of Medicine Buddha, in possession of the house, bell tower, Rohan Hall, vegetarian Museum, Life Pond, Eastern Hospital has a sermon hall, meditation hall, depositary of Buddhist texts, the West Hospital has a jade Buddha, ... View Detail

Hengdian World Studios in China

Houses the Ming and Qing, also known as Expo Hengdian movie city. There are seven major scenic spots, namely, Emperor Qin Palace area, Riverside area, south of Yangtze River area, eternally Temple area, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Street, Street, and the Ming and Qing Dynasty palace area, the government caves screen area. As the shooting scene HengDian most, the largest and most complete facilities for film and television shooting base, the crew here every day to the king on the interpretation of the ... View Detail

Hengdian Sun City

Hengdian Sun City can be divided into four major cultural series: Political Culture Series: Red Army Expo City Expo City Chinese revolutionary war, national defense science and technology education and the Long March Hotel Park and other scenic spots, it has become the country';s largest private red tourism attractions. Chinese Culture Series: Chinese Cultural Garden, Ming and Qing Dynasty houses Expo City, New Yuan Ming Palace, Nanking Street Food City and other scenic spots, so that people ... View Detail