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Door Islands Tourist

The door is Dongtou Island largest island in the archipelago, an area of nearly 29 square kilometers, the island-shaped between two mountains, such as doors, it said "the door island." Island in the door, the door can be seen from many parts of the scenic representation of the landscape - Turtle Rock, the turtle glow. Yanfeng 335 meters above sea turtle, turtle rock from the peak of the synthesis of two natural boulders, body squatting northwest, head pointing towards the southeast, much like ... View Detail

East Sand area

1960 Tong Bridge area where the fishing village is famous for its "exemplary military and civilian defense with" and "Pioneer Women Dongtou militia company," the birthplace of the novel "Island Girl militia" and the movie "Haixia" the location of the main characters Prototype ; area within the last battle of the war Dongtou liberation, there is well preserved fishing villages and so on. The main tourist sites are: Pioneer Women';s militia even Dongtou memorial victory Ao military theme park, ... View Detail

Sea Lake

Sanyuwobo The sea off the coast of the lake, there are two small islands, a single island independent, a Shuangyu side by side, the three islands as "goods"-shaped arrangement, as three huge plate, opposite the island called the three islands on the origin of the name here. Misty trees on the islands, reefs dark red brown, surrounded by whitecaps pat and bright colors. Fisherman';s Paradise Small island in the three sea ports, is converted into a cage with a traditional fishing leisure ... View Detail

Luo Jia Shan Temple in Putuo

Temple built on the hillside, the level of scattered, before and after stacking. Opposite the gate is known as "Divine the first screen," the reputation of the semi-Ping Shan peak, around mountains, dense rain. Formation of the entire region a natural haven. Get in, blue sky, blue sea, mountains, pagoda in a temple, bell, Drum, cigarettes, chanting, sutras, can start people meditate, purify the mind. Practice planning and design of the house of founder area, kitchen, five concept of Church, ... View Detail


First floor: history, culture and natural beauty and urban development reliefs show the total scale F: model boats Hall The development of fishing vessels, divided into five stages. The first stage: canoes. Ancient wood chisel into the boat, became the first ship. (This part of the Wanghai no physical display) The second stage: wooden boat. Development on the basis of the canoe evolved. Both sides of the canoe with SHIP, and additional body in the boat horizontal supports, to a wooden boat ... View Detail