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Bita under Pudacuo National Park, about 32 kilometers away from the Shangri-La County, about 3539 meters above sea level, is the highest lake in Yunnan Province. "Bita" is the Tibetan language, meaning "felt as soft as the sea cow." Bita lake water clarity green year round, elegant impressive. Habitat for many plants and animals here for many years, as well as by biologists as "re Living Around the fish lips" of the rare fish. Many lakes in the Shangri-La, Bita Lake is one of the most ... View Detail


Napa Lake Nature Reserve, Shangri-La County is located 8 kilometers northwest. Napa is a plateau lake, elevation 3266 meters. There are many rare birds in this habitat, most notably to the number of black-necked crane national first class protected animals every year in September to March the following year, you can see a large number of birds circling in the water Elique. La Napa Lake Nature Reserve is the most scenic features of the plateau, where the humid climate, in May each year is green ... View Detail

Shangri-La Grand Canyon

Shangri-La County is located 80 kilometers north-west, due to canyon a name "Shangri", the other end of name "Leela", hence the name Shangri-La of the Grand Canyon, said that in "Lost Horizon", a book called "Blue Moon Canyon "is here. Into the canyon, sky blue, dense forests, clear water, floral scent, not when there chirping birds skimming over, clean air scenery, like an unspoiled, "Pure Land." Special note: about a year in November, due to snow closing, the bus bound for Canyon were ... View Detail