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Jiagedaqi North Mountain Park

Jiagedaqi North Mountain Park is located north of the city Daxing';anling Jiagedaqi capital, climb the stairs can be long-term perspective, overlooking the city panorama. This well-preserved ecological resources, is a microcosm of forest resources, undulating and steep mountains, with the forest development and construction, have developed a number of attractions, outstanding representative of a railway corps monument, an important marker of the city';s television tower , forest oxygen bar, the ... View Detail

Huma River area

Huma Huma River estuary area at the southern end of the bridge, 9 km from the town of Huma. Line adjacent to State Road 209 here, is the only Mohe Heihe to a road. Huma River in the Qing Dynasty against Russia';s invasion of ancient battlefields, the history of the battle was known as "call Marr fight," Russia at the turn of the Ming and Qing Dynasties of China took the opportunity to send criminals aggression on Chinese territory, the culprits Stepanov in Huma build a castle from the plate up ... View Detail

Taoyuan Peak Reservoir

Huma Peak Reservoir is located in Taoyuan County wide Kawamura card Township near the town 90 kilometers away from Huma. Reservoir dam is 30 meters, width of the river in the interceptor wide artificial river water into Gaoxiapinghu. Reservoir sights visitors can boat trip, fishing, boating, swimming, you can also visit the hydroelectric power. View Detail

Eight Old Island NG

Wu Eight Island is located in the old Huma County Sanhe Village, located at 413 km upstream of Heilongjiang in China';s Heilongjiang side of the main channel. Wu eight old island isolated from each other by the three oval-shaped sand island composed of contiguous dry season, an area of about 1.55 square kilometers. Then nicknamed "Mr. Wu eight" Wu Sanhe Village residents connected to the family of five living farming on the island, hence the name. Wu Eight Island has always been part of our ... View Detail

Towards the door Lizi

Towards the door Lizi Jinshan Township area is located in the territory of Huma, the distance from the village road Yan Caha 7 km, the river a distance of 11 km. Towards the door Lizi is the most dangerous section of Heilongjiang channel, in the past and even "welcome gate Lizi gate of hell, through the nine turning ten," saying that the surging rapids and whirlpool, large and small people feel the power of nature. Towards the door Lizi closely follows the river, such as a stone ax sliced Lizi ... View Detail

Azalea ski

Azalea ski community in Jiagedaqi light at 3.9 km south of the Peak overlooking the Xing An Meijing, aerial Jiagedaqi city. This period of 180 days a year or so of snow from late October each year to early May the following year can be carried out skiing tourism, is China';s highest latitude, the snow is one of the longest ski. Azalea ski area of 16 square meters,Peak elevation of 581 m, vertical drop 200 meters, beginning, intermediate and advanced slopes and snow ring entertainment Road, ... View Detail

Big White Mountain

Call in the big White Mountain National Nature Reserve is located within the northern temperate forest ecosystems the largest nature reserve, one of the territory of the peak of the northern section of Daxing';anling. Big White Mountain south steep mountain north slow, peak elevation of 1528.7 meters. It has the typical vertical vegetation zones of forest landscape features, 5,6, when the month is often snow-capped mountains can be seen, lush mountain scenery million trees. Hakusan mountain ... View Detail

Mountain scenic painting

Painting Mountain Scenic Spot is located hada Huma Wang Jinshan Township, Village, Island of Heilongjiang River in the mountain. Mountain river rise steeply, steep and straight, like a rock on the knife ax colorful, Yuan Wang as the painting hanging in the river, so called painting mountains. Grass island dotted with numerous flat for decades-old willow trees, clusters of pink wild roses open, red flowers, Foulest flowers. Son island blisters, due to high water level pass in Heilongjiang River, ... View Detail


Leading Mountain Lake area is located through the town of Huma County, near the upper section of the river in Heilongjiang one of the famous scenic spot. Heilongjiang upstream by boat from starting down the river, after the welcome gate Huma County Lizi, smoke Hill, paintings and other famous scenic mountains, the lake near the town of Huma pass into the estuary at the river, far to will see the left bank of the river in Russia, lying in a steep mountain on the river, the mountain shaped like a ... View Detail

Oroqen ethnic customs Park Silver satisfied

Silver satisfied Oroqen townships in the northern Huma, Huma River is located north of the flood plains on the middle reaches. This is the only minority Huma village, living with the Han, Oroqen, Manchu, Mongolian, Hui, Korean, Daur 7 ethnic people, is one of the Oroqen ethnic enclaves. Oroqen rugged national character, singing and dancing, warm hospitality. The distance to the guests, they all wear costumes of the ethnic festivals, lit bonfires, singing and dancing. Visitors to the ETownship, ... View Detail