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Pik Lake

Formerly known as Huang Su tree reservoir. Built in 1959, our province is one of the top ten reservoirs. Also my outstanding natural beauty with a beautiful tourist resort. Positive library Dizhang 270 meters, 32.2 meters high, catchment area of 262 square kilometers, with a total storage capacity of 300 million cubic meters, the annual surface 16.8 square kilometers (about 2 acres), the effective irrigation area of 20 mu. Where beautiful scenery and convenient transportation. Only twenty ... View Detail

Lake Jiro

Located 9 km south Chuzhou South Qiao District waist Dipu Town, Beijing-Shanghai high speed railway in the territory of Chuzhou stops with convenient traffic and complete various infrastructure facilities, communications faster. Erlangmiao territory, close to Chuzhou Langyashan scenic reserve. Erlang rich in tourism resources, both beautiful and stunning water resources, cultural landscape and have great development value of the woodland of hills. View Detail

Wolong Park Busan

Located about 25 km west of Tianchang Busan Busan at the foot of the town, to nature itself known around the natural landscape. Yuan Wang Busan, dark blue, such as Dai, like an inverted wok, stands in the misty fog. Mountain flowers and lush, rugged rocks, or cluster or independent, different patterns, a magnificent, wild flowers and wild fruit everywhere, dense forests and more animals and birds. Peak of the "Dragon King Well" is located in Busan. Well water Qinglie glycol, inexhaustible ... View Detail

Huangfu Shan

National Forest Park, provincial nature reserves. Located 35 km west of Chuzhou City, with a total area of 4000 square meters. Original songs Pavilion Hill, Yinnan Tang Hui Huangfu generals stationed troops here, said Huangfu Garrison Hill, referred to as Huangfu Mountain. North General Ridge 399.2 m peak, is the highest peak east Anhui. Southern Tang built a beacon peak, the existing four-story tower on the site and a more than 10 meters high fire floor look, you can climb overlooking. The ... View Detail

Female Mountain

Geopark in Anhui Province level. Originally known her mountains, known for a more complete preservation of the ancient crater is well known. Mingguang City Shaogang Xiang in the territory, 27 kilometers away from the Mingguang City, altitude 101 meters, covering about 80 square kilometers, east Shandong Village, West Lake extension of women. Female Mountain is located in the Tan-Lu fault zone in China, due to crustal movement, about 150 million years ago, 40 km from the eruption of a large ... View Detail

Kinabalu National Park

Located 20 kilometers west Quanjiao, with a total area of 2200 square kilometers. North subtropical hilly, the highest peak of about 395 meters above sea level. Origin Yamana no test, but Tang Jianzhong years, the provincial governor Yingwu Chuzhou the "Send Quanjiao Taoist mountains" poetry, God kept Temple Mount, to prove that 1000 years ago, Buddhist temples were built in this temple dispute, rather, "fairy gas." Kamiyama mountains, deep forests show, nine mountain peaks surrounding the ... View Detail