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Lujiang rocks Museum

Lujiang rocks Museum was founded in June 1997, ranked the Yangtze River Road east of Cottage City, adjacent to the cemetery Zhou Yu, and mutual reflection and remote Central Bristol Park. Lujiang Museum for three antique stone building, thousands of pieces are exhibited in different sizes and shapes of the stone quality, spectacular, magical show of nature';s good fortune. Stone House with its huge quantities Cangdan varieties of all, the abundance of quality, many of them have the Ming and ... View Detail

Ye Father Mountain National Forest Park

Father Ye mountains, from about 9 km east Lujiang county, mountainous Pinnacle, magnificent temples, historic relics, many good pass, the "small Jiangbei Jiuhua," said. Rumor Spring and Autumn Period, the father of European swords Son Ye swords in the mountain, the mountain cast Jianchi monuments there, so named for the rule of the father mountain. Mountain above the rule of the Father, there is a towering temple, Buddhist temple deep in the buildings - Fuhu Temple. According to legend, ... View Detail

Forest Park East Temple

The southern suburbs in the urban areas, nest-Lu Road, 5 kilometers, the park covers an area of 1000 mu. Park, 98% forest cover, green 100%, more than 50 plants over 250 families, 100 kinds of wild animals. Park in the East of the 500 years old Osmanthus King, a blotting out the sun 600 years of the ancient ginkgo, have hailed as the most money loose JAC, 100 acres of lush green bamboo garden for many years. The animals and birds, to gray magpies, owls, pheasants, hedgehog and other ... View Detail


Cages Hill, the old name of Pavilion Mountain, also known as Feng Taishan. Located in the county, 25 kilometers northwest mountains. 240 meters above sea level. "Peace in mind" set: "Ma Lake early settlement, to mention a mother board is on the hill cages, because into the stone, a stone shaped like a chicken coop this mountain, as a result." Because of its rolling hills, the highest rock, the shape of Lotus, as "a state of Clipsal." Mountain, "San Qingdian", "Nantianmen", "Sky", "solution ... View Detail

Lake Mountain National Forest Park

Hanshan Lake Mountain is located in the south area of over 1,800 hectares, established in 1992, Lake Mountain National Forest Park. Beautiful scenery of Lake Mountain, which consists of 20 beautiful peaks form, peak linked to the next in the boundless forests of the shaded one like Ping, often out of the valley springs, gurgling water; peak flying around Butterflies, flowers. Yang Luchang mountain. Tour the ancient mountain left "Greenfield wind roar, no rain Flows," the beautiful poem. Puming ... View Detail

Tianjing mountain

Located 40 kilometers southwest of the county doing nothing, then throw into confusion Lujiang County west, north and proximity of Juchao District, Chaohu City, with a total area of 1.8 hectares. The mountains are owls, orioles, azaleas, and other hundreds of egrets and various species of animals, Tortoise and Snake. Plant resources is abundant, reaching more than a thousand species, of which 42 families, 234 kinds of trees and shrubs. Patio famous mountain park has Lingbi, steep, patio Hill, ... View Detail