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Zhangze Reservoir Tourist Area

Zhangze Changzhi City in northern suburb of Reservoir, 15 km from downtown, is the Haihe River Basin Zhangweinan zhuozhang River in Henan';s a source of industrial, urban water supply, irrigation, flood control-based, comprehensive utilization of both culture and tourism large (b)-type water conservancy project. Years Zhangze Reservoir in November 1959 construction work began in April 1960 completed and put into use. The total capacity of 427.3 million cubic meters. Zhangze reservoir waters of ... View Detail

Xigou education base

Ping Shunxian West Village is located 7 km south county, the village more than 90% forest cover, have been completed and tourism, forest recreation, garden harvesting, agricultural development of the four parks, a national agricultural tourism demonstration sites. The main attractions are Venus Forest Park (Pacific lines Venus), Xigou exhibition, Chen Qing hometown, "Three Mile Bay" creative way. Another Li Shunda pavilion, Li Shunda House, the nation';s first mutual aid groups and other 10 ... View Detail

Mountain Classic

"Wind," a sky and flew toward the sun in the sky, "boom" sound of thundering roar the sky, second only to drop as the sun, this is the myth of "Wu Yi shot nine," the scene, according to "Mountain and Sea "record" Yi shot nine three-Zong Wu in the mountains ", the three Zong Mountain is within the master Tunliu mountain. 1945, Liu and Deng Xiaoping directed the famous Battle Shangdang have placed here under the main battlefield, defeated Yan Xishan twenty thousand five thousand of the public, ... View Detail

Willow Bay

Willow Bay is a tourist, leisure and entertainment in one of the scenic area, according to eight hundred Cuiweifeng on the next temporary cloud Zhangshui thousand. Nao south west foot of North Mountain Village indulge car, East Swan Lake is connected with the length of ten li, because along the river named after the pine-shaded, Willow Bay, three six-bending, ten Pinghu, weeping willows, mountains and rivers, Road King and walk away, idyllic landscape scene. The main attractions are Long Beach ... View Detail