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Fishing For Park

Golf Course: It is located in the Diaoyuzhu Park which is in the southeastern of Shang Lake. It is a universal type course with practice. It is consisted of mini course, standard lane, water driving range and others.The mini course covers an area of 10,000 square meters. It is the small ball 18 holes course of according to the standard construction on the fairway use push rod into the hole. The up and down holes are separated 9 holes. The standard lane is in the northeast corner. In total 3 ... View Detail

Lotus Island Park

Peony Garden: It is the biggest peony garden in regions south of the Yangtze River. It is located in the southern of Hexiang Continent with more than 7,000 square meters. Now there are eight series, more than 180 kinds, more than 5,000 plants of peonies. No matter the variety, quantity, area or the flowering phase are listed the champion in the south of river.Four Seneries Garden: Located in the northeastern of Hexiang Continent. It was a building of the middle of Ming Dynasty originally. There ... View Detail

Park has

It is also called Xuguo Garden, is located in the southwestern of Gu City that bordered upon Zhao Garden. It was originally a part site of Xiaowangchuan. In Qing Dynasty, here ever became a house of a official called Zeng Zhizhuan of ministry of penalty, so it was called Xuguo Garden. It was also became Zeng's son, Zeng Pu's former home, so it was also called Zeng's Garden.The water as the center, pavilions and rockeries are around the Zeng Garden. The building is showing ingenuity ... View Detail

Zhao Yuan

It is located in southwestern of the city, bordered upon Zeng Garden. The whole garden is main to the waterscape, all of the sceneries are built around the pon that confused with errors and omission. Here is is a part site of Xiaowangchuan originally. Its first name is Kettle Garden, is belong to Wu Junji in Jiaqing and Daoguang Years of Qing Dynasty. In Tongzhi and Guangxu Years of Qing Dynasty, it was called Zhaowu Garden. Tour Guide: In the southern of Nengjing Hall is the bedroom, a ... View Detail

Plum Garden Stone

The Plum Blossom Garden is a new gardens coaied classic style. It is located in the plum blossom site and Baiyi Hut site. It is the state of veteran cadres. The garden is built near the hill. It has its unique scenery and fuse manual work and nature. It is appreciated by people at home and abroad and acquired the medal called "the art exhange center of U.S.-China". View Detail

Weng C homes

Weng Tonghe (1830-1904, styled Shuping, Wade-Giles: Weng Tung-ho) was a Chinese Confucian scholar and imperial tutor during the Qing dynasty. In 1856, he was awarded the highest degree in the imperial examinations and he subsequently became a member of the prestigious Hanlin Academy. When the Tongzhi Emperor was a minor, Weng was appointed imperial tutor and after the demise of the emperor, he became tutor of the Guangxu emperor as well. Concurrently with his duties as imperial tutor, he also ... View Detail

Wu Gongci

Wugong's Ancestral Temple is in the right side of Yaji Pavilion. According to volunteer in the city, SongQingYuan in Yushan Mountain city between the green longgang to dig a ancient tablet proclaiming, "business in wu salty mound" five ancient words, he built the county magistrate and timely temple to speak the son of the temple with room.After establishing a state, it was destroyed. In 1985, the city botanical garden management office rebuilt it and costed 56,000. Now it becomes ... View Detail

Xinfeng Ting

It is located in the northwestern of Yushan Mountain. It was built in the south Song Dynasty, it was called Wanghu Pavilion originally. The pavilion is a two-floor and hexagonal, its modeling is beautiful and elegant. Get up the pavilion, you can Yushan Mountain, Shang Lake and uban area and appreciate the unique landscapes. View Detail

Gathering Pavilion

It is located in the northwestern of Jiaowei Pavilion, sitting north to south. It is built by granite, is gablet roof and square. The single room faces with 3m and 5m high. The original tablet is destroyed and a book of rubbings is collected in the city museum. Jiaowei Pavilion wa built by Yang Ziqi of HongZhi years. In 1817, the painter of Taizhou, Zhu Henian repainted the picture of Yaji Pavilion. After the founding of the nation, and collapse, the city botanical garden management office ... View Detail

Desks Park (study units)

It is located in the Stone Plum Blossom which is in the southeastern of Yushan Mountain. It was built in 1977. The formaer address is Liang Zhaoming's reading plaform and inscriptions on precipices of Jiaowei Spring, Yaji Pavilion, Wugong Ancestral Hall and Yushan Mountain. It covers an area of 1.2 hectare. It is ancient trees tower to the sikes in the park and the scenery is well-proportioned. It is full of the characterist of garden o nthe Yangtze Delta. Looking the hill and listening to ... View Detail