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Qikou Barracks site in Huanghua Town, South Canglang drainage discharge into the sea, to the strategic location. Today the center line of the Beijing Military Region Canglang Drainage and Jinan Military Region, the dividing line, built at the mouth at a military observation post.

Fort before the Ming and Qing Xianfeng seven years (1857) rebuilt, built a large fort, Block 2 (the one north south), North Shore as the "General" Fort, south of "Two Generals" Fort. Six years of the Qing Xianfeng (1856) Second Opium War broke out, British and French troops attack the text states, playing Ningbo, dating back East China Sea, Yellow Sea north. Xianfeng eight years (1858) arrived and Qikou, Britain and France togetherMilitary relying on the gunboats, forced landing. Fort word Qikou soldiers stationed collaboration with local people as one, strong resistance, Fen';s strength war, British and French troops defeated. Taku had to transfer to landing. Two main guns was "General", "Two Generals" one of the "Two Generals" gun has good condition, stored in Huanghua City Museum.

Also, now the village fishing port located Qikou Power Allied Forces landing against a monument.