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Jing Tu in the Scenic Area. Tu the top, Yu Temple of the West, there are cliffs Chihiro, Shun the wrong plate down the steps, through the dense woods, over rugged rocks, you can reach the famous Quan; if the mother stone from the start by way of the Northwest, Utah for the Jie will.

Spring on the Cliff, "Quan," the word is said to bring concubine Song Su Tu and two sons when the hand of the book tour. The next, "Lingquan" word, mass pilgrimage to Song Hao Zhou Yu Liu Zhongguang prefect Temple, pray for rain in the spring when the banks of Inscription.

Holy spring water, Gan Ying Cheng Lie, drought does not dry seasons inexhaustible, drain the Zhu Ming, fragrant, if the cloud of incense with its cooking Tu Cai, HumphreysSaid Shuangjue.

By Quan on the cliffs, deep valleys beneath, surrounded by trees Xiaosen, rocks parallel legislation, environmental risks odd quiet Mi. If the value of the bright moon, month when reflected Erquan, Utah for the clear standard Juesu, it is amazing.

Quan Origin: According to Tu Yu Ming Lian had the time, "Yu Tu Jing Second Mountain in mind" contains the mind says: "Drive into the micro-irrigation Mang, arrived in Rock loopholes, storage spring Yihong, taste very sweet, complex to Mao Heights, said holy water kiosks, and more rain water to Ce experience. "we know the name of Quan Department for" Yu Han, mattress rain fountain Noir should be "reasons. Therefore, "Quan" and alias "Lingquan."