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Beijing Botanical Garden, lying in the foot of the West Hill of Beijing, has by tradition been engaged in the conservation of the native flora, especially plants from northern, northeastern and northwestern China. Its attention is also concentrated on research, public education and recreation. 200 ha are currently opened to the public, including the living plant collections, the historic sites, a nature reserve. Excellent displays are made monthly in the main conservatory, penjing (bonsai) garden, the arboretum and 11 outdoor gardens: tree-peony garden, peony garden, rose garden, ornamental peach garden, lilac garden, crabapple-contoneaster garden, magnolia garden, fall color garden, perennial garden, bamboo garden and mume flower garden. There are more than 1.4 million visitors every year from domestic and oversea.
The location of the Beijing Botanical Garden (BBG) .

By bus
331, 634, 696, 714, 733, 318, 360,  There are two main visitor entrances on Xiangshan Nanlu and Xiangyi Lu.
By car
From The Summer Palace: Continue straight onto Xiangyi Lu and drive 10 kilometers and turn right to the parking lot.
From the Fifth Ring Road: Exit at Fragrant Hill drive 0.8 kilometers and turn right to the parking lot.
There is a visitor entrance and attended parking (for a fee) at South Gate.
Parking lot opens at 8 am and close at 6pm. There is no overnight parking. Buses only when space permits.
Opening Hours
Outdoor Gardens 7:00am--5:00pm
Wofosi  8:30am--4:30pm
Cao's memorial  8:30am--4:30pm
Conservatory 8:30am--4:30pm
Admission fees
Ticket 5.00 yuan
Wofosi 5.00 yuan
Cao's memorial 10.00 yuan
Conservatory 50.00 yuan