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Sanshenggong Yellow River Water Conservancy Project

Sanshenggong Yellow River Water Conservancy Project is located in the Bayan gol Deng Kouxian main channel at the entrance to the town of Southeast, across the rolling waves of the Yellow River, and the Western take the community, is a mainly for irrigation, both transportation and power generation, industrial water supply, fisheries and tourism and other integrated functions of the dam project, is the largest system of gravity irrigation a water control project, called "Miles the first gate of ... View Detail

LiangSuHai tourist udinese

Located in tourist area of Lake Wulateqianqi Bayannao';er territory is located in Hohhot, Baotou, Ordos edge of the triangle, the seat of government away from the black flag of the Western Hills mouth before the town 13 km, 22 km away from National Road 110 from Highway 4 West King km. Wuliangsuhai is the one of eight fresh water, with a total area of 300 square kilometers, is known as "Beyond the Great Wall Pearl" reputation, not only the arid steppe and desert areas of large lakes is ... View Detail

Ural Mountain National Forest Park

Ural Mountain National Forest Park is located in the middle Urals Wulateqianqi Bayannaoer, is a national protected areas of natural secondary forest, 2322 m above sea level. Ural Mountain National Forest Park rich in animal and plant resources, the main tree species are pine, arborvitae, birch, cypress, etc., the core area of a large birch forest cover rate reaches back more than 67%. Ural mountain birch forest park forest, streams, rocks, rocks everywhere, steep terrain, especially the annual ... View Detail

Urad Grassland

Bayannao';er topography can be divided into three types: the Yin Mountains stretching things, lie in the hinterland Bayannaoer; Yin Shannan Loop foot is broad and plain, north of the vast Yin Wu Late grassland. This summer and fall, green grass and cattle and sheep fat, cool climate, peaceful and pleasant. Here visitors can be dressed in gowns of Mongolia, Mongolia pedal boots, up the wind in their horses, ride camels on the robust roaming on the grasslands; can fire against the background, ... View Detail

Ulan Buh Desert tourism

Ulan Buh Desert and the Mongolian for "Red Bull" is one of eight desert, with a total area of nearly 1 million square kilometers, while the northeastern territory of depth more than 3370 square kilometers Bayannaoer by the number of rows in the Bayan high Lexi can watch the Ulan Buh Desert scenery. Ulan Buh Desert Sand 128 xerophytic shrubs, desert plants a wide range of unique, natural lakes patchwork. The vast sea of sand, stretches and downs, hidden sky, disappeared the mirage, an oasis ... View Detail

She was too small Qin Great Wall

Site Bayannaoer widely distributed within the Qin Great Wall, about the Tibet Autonomous Region 1 / 3, before the flag of Ukraine east She was too small town, west of Ukraine after the flag wave of cell ondor town, 240 km length. She was too small town where too Hill Chase to protect the most intact, up to 2,000 meters, was built in 28 years of Ying Zheng (formerly 219). The front section of the Great Wall is located in Ukraine Flag of the original small town northeast She too, the whole Great ... View Detail

Yin Rock

Yin Rock is by far the country has discovered the most widely distributed rock paintings, the most diverse content, the most exquisite art of rock art, is the largest rock art treasure. Most of the existing distribution of rock art in the Bayannur Yinshan region, a true record of ancient life in the north of the Huns, Chile Le, Rouran, Xianbei, Mongolia, nomadic production and living history. Yin Rock Fab Five is a representative figure. Most places Yinshan Rock Wulatezhongqi ground south of ... View Detail

Kuei Temple

Kuei Temple of alluvial gold in the frog population sets Super Wood County, the territory of Wolf Mountains, located in the ancient city of chicken deer Cecilia Han trench edge is red to teach in Inner Mongolia the only Lama Temple. Kuei Temple was built Dezon Guangxu (1877), the Tibetan name, "Lim-Ah-Rasi any Buga be expensive", the Qing Dynasty to "cases by Temple," and in the first year of the Republic of China (19l2) of suspended moment There Manchu, Mongolian, Tibetan, Chinese four words ... View Detail

Mirror Lake eco-tourism park

Mirror Lake eco-tourism tourism in the northern suburb Bayannao';er, 9 km from the city, is the only set of Linhe tourism, holiday and entertainment in an integrated eco-tourism area. Mirror Lake eco-tourism is green tourism in the southern grasslands, undulating desert west, north, endless fields, eight acres of water surface mosaic, shade trees, reed clusters, environment intact. Has built the playground, the Loop Ecological Park, animal farms and so on. Main attractions include: Playground, ... View Detail

WidSets Golf Resort

WidSets Neimengguwu Golf Resort is located in the town of the former flag bayan flowers (110 State Road 38 km west of Baotou), located in Hohhot, Baotou, Ordos City intersection three areas. The resort is backed by Ural Mountain National Forest Park, in the face of the Yellow River, Baotou-Lanzhou Railway, 110 National Road, and east-west highway Danla from Baotou airport only 40 minutes drive away. WidSets Golf Resort is a five-western prairie provinces with the international standard golf ... View Detail