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N at 20km/h To
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Known as the "Anhui in the first drift" and "small Lijiang Dabie Mountains," the angel River in Yuexi County, southeast of the Dabie Mountains embrace this ancient natural water system in ancient times known diving, which originated from Miao Road Mountain National Forest Park, set thousands of spring brook confluence made 35 kilometers away from the Yuexi county. Dissolved by the three counties and nine towns Wan River, went straight to the Yangtze River.

Five angel River area, twenty-eight scenic spots. There Shiren Bay, Little Three Gorges, Yuan Jia Du, small cave heavens, with its attractions are the social Temple Beach, Shiren Bay, Goddess Temple, head stone, stone faucet, stone lion laugh, egrets stone, Frog Rock, etc., angel Creek everywhere is the mythical realm. Both sidesFarm near the water door, man and river muddy as a whole since ancient times. Shore, floated when folk songs, ho wild and tangled, people suddenly forget the hustle and bustle of the earth, back to being a simple and original. Bamboo raft drifting which will feel the growth of a vast landscape with a unique spiritual impulse.