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Diexi - Songping Scenic Zone

Diexi - Songping ditch scenic spots to the earthquake site, Zi, forests, mountains and scenery, folk customs and other main tourist attention. Jet rocks, group Hatch Peak, is embedded in Chengdu - Jiuzhaigou Tourism Route on a pearl. Diexi earthquake ruins (Diexi Hai Zi) Originally Diexi City, the ancient border city. 1933August 25, magnitude 7.5 earthquake occurred here, the ancient city center of Diexi all fall, while the surrounding mountain lake landslide blocked the formation of Minjiang ... View Detail


Bipenggou Mass is the very well-known tourist destination step, can be very fully experience the beauty and the trench Siguniangshan beautiful natural scenery. Li County, Sichuan Province, located in scenic Park head Thoreau groove territory, 221 kilometers away from Chengdu, 20 kilometers away from the county, area 45 km in length, a width of 4 km, Changping Gou Siguniangshan ditch south, northeast close to the famous Gul ditch Lingquan holy water.   Bipenggou in Siguniangshan back, ... View Detail