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Xiangshan Park, located in the center of the confluence of Li River and Peach Blossom River, the natural landscape and cultural landscape park the symbol. Park in the Elephant Trunk Hill as the main body, as well as moon in the water hole, Samantabhadra Tower, like the eye rock, stupas and north waterfront of the three islands of love pleasure island, south of the Yunfeng Temple landscape.

Cheung Pei Shan

Shape of the hill stood by the river, exactly like an elephant drinking water Archaeology named, Referred to as the Elephant. Xiangshan altitude of 220 meters, 108 meters long and 100 meters wide. 55 meters above the water surface, seabed sediment from 3.6 billion years ago, the pure limestone. Guilin Elephant Trunk Hill is the representative symbol of the city of Guilin, Guilin, Guangxi, as well as many local products as a marker to Xiangshan. Comrade Yang Shangkun late national leaders said: "The Elephant Trunk Hill before the camera, be considered to have Guilin, which is a unique landscape."

Moon Water Cave
Hole Chaoyang, Chaoyang Dong Yiming. This hole asA volume large balcony Portal, the water waves which, like a moon floating in the water, hence the name moon in the water hole, still in use. Foot hole in the trunk between the moon in the water as a waterfront Haoyue, constitute "Xiangshan Moon Water" wonders of the cave there are scholars in the Song Dynasty, described the North thistle, "the bottom has the moon, the moon floating water." There are many ancient stone, most of them are Song Dynasty inscription. These stone, Xiangshan Moon Water also reflects the feelings of visitors throughout the year to.

Rock as the eye
Along the moon in the water holeBoard-level and Shangshih level, the mountain has a more than 20 meters long holes, exactly like an elephant';s eye, so it is called "rock like eyes." Rocks north and south as the eye holes south of the Antarctic hole from the Elephant, south along the stone steps to board the eyes. Rock out like the eyes, winding road up to the Peak. North is located in the cliffs above the eye, no Ishidan can pass. Looking from the left eye, urban housing markets in row upon row, the style of modern urban scene; from the right eye distance, Jiang Bo Fan Ying, flashing Island looming in the Zi, Tashan, between mountains, but also the elegant scene of the Li River landscape.

Samantabhadra Tower

& Nbsp; Shun Cheung Pei Shan rocks on the winding, tree stands a pair of lamas in the early Ming Dynasty-style solid tower - Samantabhadra Tower, seen from afar, like an elephant';s back Aquarius, like a plug in the elephant back to hilt, it is also called Aquarius Tower, Tower hilt. 13.6 meters high tower, Taki is double octagonal Xu Mizuo, the second layer is the north tower embedded bluestone line engraved "Namo Samantabhadra" like.


In the Elephant Trunk HillThe south-west, peach River. The 13.2 m-high tower was built in Qing Dynasty were two years (657 years), the tower is now eighteen years of Hongwu (1385) reconstruction. Tower for the Aquarius type, like the canopy top, with phase five laps round, gourd-shaped bronze ding labeled. According to records, Tang Tianbao seven (748), Monk Jianzhen 5 Going Fuso (Japan), blocked, Twisted and turned to Guilin, has worked with dozens of Japanese monk temple stay more than a year.

Yunfeng Temple

City key units. Elephant Trunk Hill in the urban area south west. According to legend, was built in Tang Dynasty, Wen Ling Temple. Song Jiading seven years (1214) Fang Ru in this building a library, called "Cloud Cliff Villa." Here again, built in Ming Dynasty, "Fan Fang Temple," Si Fan Chengda, Fang Ru. Qing Dynasty to Temple, the name "Yunfeng Temple."

Amidst Chau Zi

Across the river and Xiangshan Zi Island bamboo clusters, fruit Cong, bamboo fence cottage set off the meantime. If the rainy season, cloud steaming fog Teng, cottages and trees are covered with dressed like veil, the ancientCalled it "Zi Island misty rain." Guilin is listed as one of the eight scenic spots.


1, optional use of the free buses (57,58 Road), buses (2 Road Guilin, opposite the railway station and 23 Road), as well as direct access to the shuttle bus area.

2, since the self-drive tour or walk: along the river, Riverside Road, Pearl Road freedoms.


Visitors can view the night cruises three hills, do not have a flavor. Tickets

Block: 33.

Opening hours: season (6:30-20:00) low season (7:00-20:00).