Suzhou Seagull Huxin Island Resort

город цзиньпин, ул. сяя, 105, South Eastern, Suzhou, China.посмотреть карту >
4.1/5    51 отзывы

fengsc said: Nice hotel, good environment, on the Lake.

anyebailing said: Hotel very good service was good but a little hard to find

Norstar8 said: Jing an

anday86315 said: Is the room a bit, the rest are very good.

grace961020 said: Good,

alisa730 said: A very good environment, very quiet, get up in the morning you can see lake view hotel with beautiful scenery, is a great place for vacation, fishing, the Lotus Lake is beautiful, and walking promenade

siroll said: Environment is good, the evening quiet

mayao said: Next time I go to stay

e03100474 said: Hanging out with my friends, the environment is very good, service was very good, next time will choose

Ms_toma said: Nice, affordable, left is close to the attractions, but the network does not work.

mengjinx said: Good environment is good, that is, location

BLUE sea Ting Feng said: Beautiful environment and food prices high. poor sanitation facilities such as shower doors aren't causing the shower water to drain.

bensontu said: Hotel facilities were very good lake view rooms look out the scenery is also very good, you can still see the sunrise in the morning. it is regrettable that few guests this season, start time is 7:30, the result is 8-15 start, the service is not very professional.

andyxu1858 said: Hotel got a bit hard to find, but relying on Taihu Lake environment, room facilities, but it was clean and very quiet at night.

angela0123 said: Good very good

aifou said: A large family of two nights, I feel pretty good! goose is proud, manly cool!

autumnjan said: Overall good health oils to be improved.

e03782486 said: This is with family to linwumeihai see plum, hotel away from attractions is near, out finished breakfast into Park of when people also rarely,, we tour perfect has many has hotel on in Taihu Lake side Shang, environment is good, staying of guest not more, so is quiet hotel of restaurant price somewhat small your, but dish of volume is foot, especially like pork, is said to have is local of pork, fleshy does different

auldlang2003 said: Hotel Nice hardware in General. price not high!

e00130067 said: Than expected, going

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Описание отеля

Почтовый индекс:215111   Здание построено в:2009   Количество номеров:113   Коммерческий район:Taihu Scenic Area
Остров озера чайки в сучжоу(Suzhou Seagull Huxin Island Resort), гостиница расположена на острове тайху в сучжоу в национальном туристическом курортном районе на западе шань, за спиной горы Луншань, перед лицом огромного озера тайху, собирая природные горы, пейзажи, достопримечательности.отель занимает 48 акров, а тип комнаты разнообразный.в отеле есть конференц - Залы, конференц - Залы, многофункциональные залы и так далее.гостиница
, в которой имеется банкетный зал, в котором может принимать более 200 человек, и ресторан на западе, а также рекреационные сооружения, в том числе: комната KTV, многофункциональный танцевальный зал, шахматная комната, бильярд, комната для пинг - понга, сквош, спортзал и т.д.отель также имеет роскошный круизный лайнер для посетителей тайху.Вы можете ощутить здесь солнце и воздух, зелень и газон, эстакадный мост и беседку, а также искреннее обслуживание здесь, чтобы вы забыли.

Удобства и услуги

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Удобства и услуги
бесплатная стоянка передний сейф для ценных вещей китайский ресторан лифт
Зал заседаний хранение багажа сервис будильника
Удобства в номере
междугородный телефон туалетный увеличитель круглосуточная горячая вода бесплатные туалетные принадлежности для полоскания (более 6 образцов) фен шлёпанцы стол розетка многоконтактного питания внутренний сейф электрический чайник зонтик отдельная душевая кондиционер с обычным подсектором
Спорт и отдых
шахматная комната комната для настольного тенниса бильярдная концертный зал
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часто задаваемые вопросы об Suzhou Seagull Huxin Island Resort

Гол:4.1/ из 5.0
Hotel got a bit hard to find, but relying on Taihu Lake environment, room facilities, but it was clean and very quiet at night.
Small room, old, small beds, quilts are also uncomfortable, the only bright spot with just a shower room, 480 of the prices it's worth!
[Stay in Panoramic Standard Room]
Good very good
[Stay in Lake-view Standard Room]
It's OK
[Stay in Panoramic Standard Room]
Compared Xishan Island Shang of farm Le for, this hotel compared formal, but location really of is partial, if to dinner or to farm Le must to drive out. is said to have is yiqian of a Terminal, but now there no ship has, on gradually deserted has. health well, also can, didn't found what dirty things, but after all somewhat years has. no bathtub, room smaller. waiter not more. breakfast is self type of, also good, but no milk. but, this hotel has a garden isChan, goose and duck. also attached to a plank road was a platform into Taihu Lake, wood as well as snails, snail, kids see the Hi, but be careful, some places without rail. If you want to rest and recuperation can go live, as relatively quiet.
Overall pretty good.
[Stay in Panoramic Standard Room]
1, environmental good in the hotel, fishing, the Lotus Lake is beautiful, there are pedestrian promenade. 2, front desk and reservations line, poor breakfast, goose calling early in the morning, management needs to be improved.
[Stay in Lake-view Standard Room]
Hotel location, looking for a long time, the actual leave Lin Wudong area some distance, the rooms are small, misnamed lake view rooms, hotel close to Lake, nice, had a great time in the hotel Lake
Actually is Shanghai Union Xia of a nursing home, set of is landscape room, window is cover with tiles and Tin of roof, I is drunk has, just into room, alternate of quilt Shang has hair, OK to for sheets of rooms waiter attitude compared and good. front desk of several attitude than up roadside of farm Le poor far's, Union on they of service consciousness education to be improved. breakfast 20 Yuan, varieties pretty rich of, facts of expressed, hope chance offered
[Stay in Panoramic Standard Room]
Nice hotel, good environment, on the Lake.
[Stay in Queen Room]
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