Huadian Advanced Training Center Beijing

озеро южная дорога, 49, Miyun District, Beijing, China.посмотреть карту >
CNY 400
4.4/5    244 отзывы

LadyMimi said: Basically satisfied with the hotel environment, very cost-effective! I'll come again next time.

slg020 said: The location is very close to the scenic spot and the cost performance is very high. I will stay here next time I go on vacation.

angelyang8283 said: I've checked in many times, and the cost performance is very high,

dindin1031 said: Beautiful environment and considerate service

MarcJacobs said: It's really beautiful. My parents are particularly satisfied. The environment is like a sanatorium. It's very clean and beautiful. I like it very much

ayaya_siyi said: Fish Street convenient breakfast buffet 30. The environment in the courtyard was ok, the house price was reasonable, and there was no price increase on November 11

e00291513 said: The hotel environment is very good, the courtyard is very large, and the garden landscape is well decorated! The front desk service was considerate. We booked four rooms. The old man wanted to live on the first floor for convenient travel. He explained the situation to the front desk and immediately adjusted the room. The back mountain of the hotel is quiet, and the winding asphalt road provides a good place for guests to take a walk and exercise. Mountaineering in the rain is accompanied by rising clouds, just like in a fairyland, with dense forests and fresh air. The food provided by the hotel is not many, but it is delicious. The service was also good!

Lupuppy said: The five-star hotel on the edge of the reservoir is hygienic, elegant environment, good service and complete equipment! We left a dress there. The hotel staff took the initiative to call. Thank you very much! Stay there next time!

bbbbbbbbb said: The layout of the hotel is very good. There are standard rooms at both ends of the living room in the middle. I don't know if I can live in this room at this price next time

lanefu said: The scenery is good, relatively quiet and well-equipped. You can have a panoramic view of the reservoir in the back mountain. There are many farmyards opposite, which is convenient for eating.

e00135066 said: The hotel is backed by the mountain. The deluxe big bed room has a small room area, but the facilities are very complete. It's very comfortable to live in leisure. I'll come back in the future.

yolandayu said: The location of the hotel is very good. It is very close to Miyun city. The big pot of fish pot in the fish Street next to it is also very delicious. It is also very convenient to go to the surrounding scenic spots. The environment is very good, with small lakes, gardens and back hills. The standard suite is very spacious. The entrance is the living room, the room is the decoration of the standard double room, and the bathroom is also very spacious. Although there is no elevator, the room is on the fourth floor, so it's not hard to climb up and down. The service was very good. The basic requirements can be met very quickly. This price is very valuable. It is absolutely suitable for taking the elderly and children on vacation.

andy_lvfeng said: The environment is elegant, the room is comfortable and the breakfast is rich. It's really good!

abing0322 said: Some beds are 1.5m small. The environment is very good. You can climb the back mountain

alexyong said: The hotel environment is very good. There are mountains and water in it. The surprise is the back mountain. It is said that you can directly see the reservoir when you climb to the top of the mountain. Unfortunately, Kangwa couldn't go up. The cost performance is good. If you want to enjoy the environment, you don't have to go out. There's a nice restaurant across the street. The disadvantage is that the fitness center is very expensive. I'll think about it next time I take the elderly and children.

lucy_bai said: The environment is very good. It's worth going again

weixiao0220 said: The location is very good. Unfortunately, the mountain road behind is temporarily closed, otherwise you can climb the mountain and enjoy the scenery of the reservoir. 5. For the 6-storey small building (without elevator), only the main building of Building 1 has elevator. Stay away from other places and become one (birds chirp constantly, even at night, ha ha), clean and tidy. (in addition, it's interesting to recommend cherry picking in jinboluo village nearby in May and June.)

E03940090 said: The environment is not good, and the facilities are also very complete!!

ALIN-YYT said: Too far, nothing around?? If the factory wasn't here, I wouldn't go??

liliena said: The environment is very beautiful, especially the lake and lawn at the gate

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Room typeMax.BedNetworkBreakfastAvg.rate


  • 20 sqm
  • King bed
  • 1-5 F
  1. Can't extra bed
  2. Double bed 1.5m, 1

Standard Room (Apartment Building)

  • 20 sqm
  • Twin beds
  • 1-2 F
  1. Can't extra bed
  2. Double bed 0.9m, 2

Standard Suite A

  • 45 sqm
  • Twin beds
  • 1-5 F
  • No Smoking Room
  1. Extra Bed: CNY100/night
  2. Single bed 2

Business Suite B

  • 45 sqm
  • King bed
  • 1-4 F
  • No Smoking Room
  1. Extra Bed: CNY100/night
  2. Double bed 1.5m, 1

Описание отеля

Почтовый индекс:101512   Здание построено в:2005   Год последнего ремонта в отеле:2015   Количество номеров:240   Коммерческий район:Miyun Scenic Spot
Huadian Advanced Training Center Beijing, Он расположен в районе компактных облаков пекина и представляет собой новый экологический ландшафт.центр на спине к живописному таинственному водохранилищу, три стороны вокруг горы, является природным кислородом бар;южный город - спутникна западе есть национальный парк юньмоншань, озеро хэлуньтань, долина персикового происхождения, девять основных ущелье;на востоке есть великая стена Сыма Тай, туманные горы линьшань, горная долина юньлунь, Белое озеро ит.д.
в центре есть все виды комфорта, экономические апартаменты, уникальный стиль, чтобы предоставить вам домашний уют.В то же время имеется конференц - зал, многофункциональный зал, большой и малый конференц - зал, электрические классы и другие конференц - Залы, полный комплекс.
ресторан с разными стилями китайского и западного стиля может предложить кантонскую кухню, сянганскую кухню, сычуаньскую кухню, полный рыбный стол и так далее, чтобы удовлетворить различные потребности в обучении, конференциях, отдыха и туризма.

Удобства и услуги

Цена завтрака: CNY30($4.1) / шт
Тип завтрака: Шведский стол
заезда: с 14:00      отъезда: до 12:00
Удобства и услуги
Бесплатная парковка Сейф для предметов на стойке регистрации Китайский ресторан лифт Банкетный зал Зона отдыха для неработающих гостей Видеонаблюдение в общественных местах Общественная звуковая система Мультимедийная презентационная система Wi-Fi в общественных местах (бесплатно) Не курить в общественных местах
Услуга по доставке автомобилей конференц-зал Билетная касса Бизнес центр Почтовая служба Хранилище багажа Утренний звонок Встреча Круглосуточная стойка регистрации прокат автомобилей Расчетная услуга по кредитной карте Услуги прачечной доставки Встреча Круглосуточная стойка регистрации Одноразовая касса
Удобства в номере
Спорт и отдых
Чайная комната спортзал комната для настольного тенниса бильярдная Кегельбан игровая комната Баскетбольная площадка
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часто задаваемые вопросы об Huadian Advanced Training Center Beijing

Гол:4.4/ из 5.0
The hotel is not far from the scenic spot. The room is not very new. It feels like a state-owned enterprise training center. When there is a team training, we can only book a big bed room. The room is relatively small, the double bed is also very small, and there is no free drinking water. The most dissatisfied place is that the bed in room 07 on the third floor of Building 9 where we live creaks as soon as we sit on it. You can imagine how painful it is to sleep at night, I dare not turn over. The sound of turning over is not ordinary. The refrigerator in room 06 is broken. It doesn't cool at all. It's just a decoration. What's more sad is that there are new employees of Everbright Bank for induction training. The restaurant gives them all. Individual guests are not allowed to eat there. The only canteen is not open on Sunday. It can only go out to find food in the rain. A disappointing check-in.
[Stay in Apartment big bed]
The standard a is upgraded to two bedrooms. The school environment is very good. You can also climb your own back mountain to see Miyun reservoir. When the room first checked in, it smelled. In Building 8, it would be much better to open the window and breathe. It was said that it smelled like the carpet had just been washed
[Stay in Standard Suite A]
Basically satisfied with the hotel environment, very cost-effective! I'll come again next time.
[Stay in Standard Room (Apartment Building)]
The hotel is not particularly good, the hardware facilities are general, and the environment is general. In fact, it is the luxury big bed room in the residential building where I live
[Stay in Business Suite A]
The decoration is old and the air conditioner leaks
[Stay in Standard Suite A]
The environment is good. It's just being renovated. It's a little messy
[Stay in Standard Room (Apartment Building)]
The location is very close to the scenic spot and the cost performance is very high. I will stay here next time I go on vacation.
[Stay in Apartment big bed]
The environment is elegant, the room is comfortable and the breakfast is rich. It's really good!
[Stay in Business Suite A]
I've checked in many times, and the cost performance is very high,
[Stay in Standard Suite A]
Beautiful environment and considerate service
[Stay in Apartment big bed]


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