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77F ~ 86F
Thundershowers To Heavy Rain - Rainstorm
SW at 20km/h
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Lo Wu Culture Park to be regarded as a cultural theme park type inside the facilities, cultural programs, entertainment, performing arts what the very rich, very cultural atmosphere, and the traffic is very convenient, is a good place for leisure holidays, thethe park is located in the downtown area, there are a variety of cultural activities, painting and calligraphy, chess, vocal art exchange center, like an oasis in the desert. very cultural. Weekends folk Taiwan has a Cantonese opera. To be built at the South Gate House and underground parking. Joy in the world theater covers an area of 2000 square meters. Associations often organize activities in the park: the troupe, Guangdong Music, folk music community, Painting and Calligraphy Association, three chess associations, tea associations and so on.
Transportation: bus line 10, 29, 56, 69, 82, 102, 104, 307