Honghua Resort Hotel Shanghai

진해 도로 4897 번, 근 리 민 로, Chongming District, Shanghai, China.지도에서 보기 >
CNY 580
4.1/5 에 기초 1263 리뷰

gxt123 said: Not bad. The gym is a little old

lunny1984 said: The hotel is great. It's great

D03966338 said: The location of the hotel is good. It's about 1km away from the subway station. It's about 10 minutes' walk The indoor facilities and sanitary conditions are good PS hot water is quite good

VictorLow said: pretty good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

e00837845 said: After reading the online comments, there are good and bad. I stayed in Honghua resort with a try mentality. The hotel covers a large area with many entertainment facilities. There are many places for children to play outdoors, such as feeding lambs, watching ducks, geese, pigeons, puppies, etc. it is suitable for family tourism. Due to the late arrival, the hotel swimming pool closed at 9 o'clock, which was a disappointment. When checking out, we discussed with the front desk whether we could check out after swimming. The service staff had a friendly attitude and immediately helped us contact the management of the swimming pool. The whole family had a good time in it. It's worth praising. The breakfast in the hotel is mainly Chinese. If you can add more varieties, it will be more perfect.

g1222808 said: The facilities are neat and suitable for family travel

d04292467 said: The room is clean, the surrounding environment is convenient, the hotel service is good and the facilities are complete

level_3 said: not bad

Will Guan said: The hotel is good. Children have fun and can feed animals.

cyl0901 said: The hotel is quite easy to find, and it has its own small animals. It's fun to feed the baby goat, and the super large slide. The baby has a great time. Anyway, the tour is very successful. It's close to farmhouse and Pearl Lake. I'll go next time.

icebergalec said: It's not bad. It's a big place, but there's basically nothing to play around

cs4215153 said: It is very suitable for taking children on vacation, feeding sheep, looking at cattle, playing with jumping beds and slides. The water temperature in the swimming pool is just right, but the dressing room is a little small. I'm not satisfied with the breakfast. It's very average. There's nothing to eat before 9:00. And the door of the guest room. It's called a noisy T.T

taoweiping said: The hotel is very big, the amusement park has everything, such as watching small animals and eating. There is no pressure to take children out

lei905 said: Living with friends and children, the environment is very good, surrounded by green shade, goats, geese and sled dogs. Although the number is small, the children are still very happy. There is also a small children's paradise. There are more than 11 people, but they sleep very quietly at night

Janrry said: The resort is good. There are a lot of things for children to play, but it's still a little away from the forest park

luyun said: Especially good, especially comfortable, worthy of recommendation!!

leisure007 said: The hotel has a large green area, which is very suitable for personal travel

e01343862 said: ?? A little disappointed

andy2010jym said: Good, friends went to live, can recommend Oh

atyayf said: Very satisfied

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날짜를 먼저 설정하십시오.
Room typeMax.BedNetworkBreakfastAvg.rate

Queen Room

  • 38 sqm
  • 침대
  • 1-3 F
  1. Can't extra bed
  2. Double bed 2m, 1

Standard Room

  • 35 sqm
  • 트윈
  • 1-3 F
  1. Can't extra bed
  2. Single bed 1.2m, 2

Deluxe Queen Room

  • 40 sqm
  • 침대
  • 1-3 F
  1. Extra Bed: CNY150/night
  2. Double bed 2m, 1

Deluxe Suite

  • 70 sqm
  • 침대
  • 1-3 F
  1. Extra Bed: CNY150/night
  2. Double bed 2m, 1


  • 300 sqm
  • --
  • 2 F
  1. Extra Bed: CNY150/night

호텔 소개

우편 번호:202154   호텔 설립연도:2010   최근 리모델링 년도:2015   총 객실 수:700   상업지역:Chongming Island, Changxing Island, Hengsha Island
Honghua Resort Hotel Shanghai, 이 는 숭 밍 섬의 주요 간선 도로 인 진해 도로 에 위치 하고 상하 이 창 장 터널 다리 와 북쪽 으로 숭 계 대 교 를 연결한다.서 사 습지 공원 과 명주 호 공원 에 가 려 면 반드시 거 쳐 야 하 는 도로 에 위치 하고 도심 남 문 번화가 에서 약 8 분 거리 에 있 으 며 호텔 주변 에 관광지 가 많 고 국가 삼림 공원 에 가 거나 학궁 (숭 명 박물관) 에 가 거나 장강 제방 등 이 매우 편리 하 다.
호텔 은 연합 체 회사 로 졸 린 승마 클럽, 졸 린 친 자 장원, 졸 린 친 자 리 조 트 호텔, 졸 린 확장 클럽 이 있 습 니 다. 객실 이 넓 고 편안 하 며 욕실 시설 은 모두 콜 러 의 것 입 니 다. 액정 티 비, 에어컨, 드라이어, 소형 냉장고 등 이 모두 갖 춰 져 있 습 니 다.
호텔 21 개의 전문 회의실 에서 각종 회의 와 행 사 를 개최 할 수 있다.국제 회의실 은 800 평방미터 로 500 명 을 동시에 수용 할 수 있다.
여기 서 아침 식 사 는 현지의 신선 한 식자 재 와 특색 있 는 음식 을 제공 합 니 다. 한 끼 를 배 불리 먹 은 후에 낚시, 헬 스, 즐거움 이 많 습 니 다.바다 볼 과 트 램 펄 린 은 아이들 에 게 인기 가 많 습 니 다. 호텔 맞은편 은 교 린 농장 의 과일 과 채 소 를 따 는 기지 입 니 다. 아이들 을 데 리 고 과일 과 채 소 를 따 서 조용 한 농가 생활 을 체험 할 수 있 습 니 다.

시설 & 서비스

조식 가격: CNY58($8.6) / 개
체크인: 14:00부터      체크아웃: 12:00까지
호텔 시설
쇼핑몰 무료 주차장 프런트 데스크 귀중품 금고 카페 중국 식당 서양식 레스토랑 로비 KTV 엘리베이터 레스토랑 금연 층 비 비즈니스 손님을위한 휴식 공간 공공 장소 CCTV 감시 공공 사운드 시스템 공용 구역 Wi-Fi (무료) 공공 장소에서 금연 로비 신문 관광 교통지도
카 헤일 링 서비스 회의장 여행 티켓 서비스 세탁 서비스 비즈니스 센터 우편 서비스 수하물 보관소 모닝콜 배달 서비스 어린이 놀이터 컨시어지 서비스 팩스 / 복사 24 시간 로비 매니저 웨딩 서비스 신용 카드 결제 서비스 24 시간 프런트 데스크 일회성 체크 아웃
객실 편의시설
접근 가능한 객실
다실 야외 파티 체스 룸 헬스장 테니스 코트 탁구장 스누커 룸 어업 농구장 야외 수영장 실내 수영장 축구 필드
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자주 묻는 질문: Honghua Resort Hotel Shanghai

점수:4.1/ 5.0
Not bad. The gym is a little old
[Stay in Standard Room]
The hotel facilities are too old and the surroundings are too remote
[Stay in Deluxe Queen Room]
The hotel is great. It's great
[Stay in Standard Room]
It's a mess
[Stay in Standard Room]
Due to the late reservation, I booked a deluxe suite. The room is very large. There are two bathrooms, a reception room and a bedroom. The baby said it's so big. I'm really happy. There are sheep, dogs, pigeons and other small animals in the hotel. The baby likes it very much. The only thing he lacks is breakfast. I don't know whether he went late or not. There are too few varieties. I really don't think it's worth the price. I hope it will be improved in the future, Also, I don't know whether no one has lived in the room for a long time. I hope to pay attention in the future. In addition, the overall feeling is still OK. The three members of the family are still very happy!
[Stay in Deluxe Suite]
The location of the hotel is good. It's about 1km away from the subway station. It's about 10 minutes' walk The indoor facilities and sanitary conditions are good PS hot water is quite good
[Stay in Standard Room]
The surrounding environment is good and the transportation is convenient, but the facilities are old
[Stay in Queen Room]
It's quite convenient next to Chenhai highway. The facilities in the hotel room are relatively general. The outdoor scenery is good and green. There are many room types to choose from, and the restaurant is not good. Overall satisfied.
[Stay in Family Room]
I don't know how five stars are rated! The environment is poor. The waiter hurried to check out at 9 o'clock in the morning. The room network can't be connected. There are insects on the bed!
[Stay in Standard Room]
The hotel room is good. There are few kinds of breakfast. There is nothing to eat. The environment is good. There are many villas behind. They raise lambs. The children are very happy to feed. There is no place to eat around. The price of the hotel Chinese restaurant is OK.
[Stay in Standard Room]


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