GreenTree Inn (Shanghai Pudong Airport Chuansha)

촨 사 신 진 촨 황 로 235 호, 남 교 로 에 가깝다., Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China.지도에서 보기 >
CNY 161
4.1/5 에 기초 207 리뷰

elsyn said: Excellent value for a clean hotel

e00334392 said: Very good condition good

Daniel Yuan said: Which is very nice

cs0824 said: Rooms are small, but very warm and clean, as well as wireless WIFI, very good ... is a bit far from subway, but quiet, easy to eat around

sugarbeat said: Renamed Greentree, good health is also very good, 5 minutes recommended!

Evanna said: Very nice hotel ... very convenient to the airport, restaurant next to the hotel the large cargo will live. There are also taxi service on the subway is also very convenient. Parking at the hotel is fabulous.

daiyunju said: Second live well

oibbio said: Very pleased with price, room was very good, very good ~ ~ ~

lovesontom said: This every time you go to Pudong airport, very convenient. hundred rooms all hotels!

gx99032088 said: Overall is good. the next time you will have the opportunity to go. metro station not far away. 6-8 minutes on foot.

LYL82 said: Help others

sara_lyl said: Well, the hotel is not hard to find, but put the Greentree Inn sign, can also help in the morning to call a taxi, however to the airport takes about 60.

grammy23 said: Good very good, clean, good service, convenient!, planes at a time were living in his house, views, rooms are small, hoping to enhance!

buniu said: That's good

e00768417 said: Airport taxi past more than more than 50 bucks ... room was very clean, very good

e04410275 said: Very nice hotel

autinor said: Renamed Greentree, lovely, location a bit hard to find, others are very good!

d_xx17 said: Failed to note when booking the hotel name, find a way to waste a lot of time but front desk service very good, almost morning time is still the Steering path of patience over and over again

Jungleball said: Some distance from the subway, but surrounded by a lot of small restaurants, late-night snacks

e02186527 said: Sorry comment late ~~ location is a bit far from chuansha station reception ~ ~ good ~ ~ ~ good health is good ~ ~

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Room typeMax.BedNetworkBreakfastAvg.rate

Special Promotion B

  • 18 sqm
  • 침대
  • 1 F
  1. Can't extra bed
  2. Double bed 1.8m, 1

Standard Room (special promotion)

  • 20 sqm
  • 트윈
  • 1-4 F
  1. Can't extra bed
  2. Single bed 1.2m, 2

Standard Room

  • 22 sqm
  • 트윈
  • 1 F
  1. Can't extra bed
  2. Single bed 1.2m, 2

Queen Room B

  • 20 sqm
  • 침대
  • 1-4 F
  1. Can't extra bed
  2. Double bed 1.8m, 1

호텔 소개

우편 번호:201299   호텔 설립연도:2012   최근 리모델링 년도:2018   총 객실 수:700   상업지역:Shanghai Disney Resort
그린호태(상해 포동 공항 사천사점)(GreenTree Inn (Shanghai Pudong Airport Chuansha)), 그린 하오 타이 (상하 이 푸 둥 공항 쿠 샤 지점) 은 푸 둥 신 구 촨 사 진 중심 에 위치 하고 지하철 2 호선 쿠 샤 로 출구 에서 500 미터 밖 에 안 되 며 입구 의 교통 노선 은 사방 으로 통 하고 장 쟝 하 이 테 크 단지 와 금 교 출구 가공 구 남 구 까지 매우 편리 하 며 신 국제 박람 센터 에서 도 15 분 거리 에 불과 하 다.호텔 은 촨 사 공원 과 가 깝 고 공원 이 수려 하고 경치 가 좋 으 며 주변 음식 과 오락 이 풍부 하 다. 묘경 로, 신 천 로 미식 거리, 신원 로 상업 거리 와 디즈니 공원 은 모두 귀하 가 레저 를 즐 길 수 있 는 좋 은 곳 입 니 다.그린 하 우 타이, 그저 느끼 기만 해!

시설 & 서비스

아침 식사는 제공되지 않습니다.
체크인: 12:00부터      체크아웃: 12:00까지
호텔 시설
무료 주차장 프런트 귀중품 금고 엘리베이터
짐을 맡기다 모닝콜 서비스
객실 편의시설
24시간 뜨거운 물 무료 세수 용품(6종 이상) 헤어드라이어 슬리퍼 책상 110V 전압 콘센트 전기포트 무료 병물 일반 분체 에어컨
  • 현금

자주 묻는 질문: GreenTree Inn (Shanghai Pudong Airport Chuansha)

점수:4.1/ 5.0
Excellent value for a clean hotel
Hotel is located in the chuansha Metro, walking about 15-20 minutes. Staff were very friendly, and lived in a special room, well-equipped high cost performance. Near the shops pretty much is the best choice for traveling on business!
Not bad
[Stay in 998 room]
All right.
Slow connection speed
It's not bad
[Stay in 998 room]
Renamed Greentree, lovely, location a bit hard to find, others are very good!
[Stay in 998 room]
Cheap, but quite far away and the airport is relatively close to the ... noisy, it's hard to sleep, 100 of the price really high performance-price ratio
Good location, price
[Stay in 998 room]
General satisfaction


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