Chateau De Luze Beijing

광 화 로 갑 8 호, 근 중앙 방송국, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China.지도에서 보기 >
CNY 758
4.1/5 에 기초 775 리뷰

msy007cat said: The hotel booked a room for me free and upgraded it to a superior king room. It's super cost-effective!

cctour said: Yes, I've lived several times

abbyguo said: Convenient transportation, nice room

cat0286 said: The hotel is very good. It has a duplex staggered room. It's very comfortable and cost-effective.

Jennymeimei said: good

legend198788 said: All aspects were OK! not bad

abaofang said: Yes, yes, yes, yes

e01158120 said: The quiet place in the middle of trouble has a good environment. The hall is very elegant, quiet and safe. I'm very satisfied

Tony219 said: Good hotel

ly103122 said: Good room hardware

allen0203 said: With good environment and high cost performance, it is a good choice for business travel

aileen-dai said: Great, perfect

e02229066 said: Nice hotel. The price was cheap during the National Day holiday, and then it went up.

a1365 said: Check in the retest suite for many times, with convenient transportation. There is no heating at present

ayayay1123 said: Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay

yemin said: The hotel is good, but the breakfast is too simple

SammyLaw said: The surrounding environment is OK, the lobby feels good, but the facilities are a little old.

juliawnj said: The hotel has kindly upgraded the superior King Suite. The price of this location is very cost-effective. The room is very large and clean. It is a small duplex with a sense of design. Sanitation is also very good. There are two bathrooms upstairs and downstairs. The water upstairs is small and it's easy to use downstairs.. So the only small shortcoming is ignored. In short, it was a pleasant experience.

dudu3554 said: I booked it for my friends who came to Beijing on business for a meeting. The price of this hotel near my home is more appropriate. But he said that the hotels were very good, but the breakfast was too bad. Ha ha, he said it was worse than that of Home Express Hotel.

flybag said: Breakfast quality is not high, there are few varieties, and mosquitoes sleep at night; But the geographical location is good. It's 10 minutes' walk from the subway station. It's quiet in the middle of trouble. The hardware facilities are good and the room is clean.

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Room typeMax.BedNetworkBreakfastAvg.rate

Standard Twin Room

  • 62 sqm
  • 트윈
  • 3-6 F
  1. Extra Bed: CNY200/night
  2. 2*1.2mSingle bed

Standard Queen Room

  • 62 sqm
  • 침대
  • 3-6 F
  1. Extra Bed: CNY200/night
  2. 1*1.51mDouble bed

Superior Queen Suite

  • 80 sqm
  • 침대
  • 3-6 F
  1. Extra Bed: CNY200/night
  2. 1*Double bed 2m

Multi-level Business Suite

  • 90 sqm
  • 침대
  • 7-9 F
  1. Extra Bed: CNY200/night
  2. 1*2mDouble bed

Executive Business Suite

  • 120 sqm
  • 침대
  • 8 F
  1. Extra Bed: CNY200/night
  2. 1*2mKing bed

호텔 소개

우편 번호:100026   호텔 설립연도:2010   최근 리모델링 년도:2012   총 객실 수:700   상업지역:Guomao Area
Chateau De Luze Beijing, 이 지역 은 베 이 징 동부 상무 및 무역 핵심 구역 인 CBD 에 위치 하고 신 중앙 방송국 과 인접 해 있다.
이 호텔 은 외국 호텔 로 스타일 이 아담 하고 서양 고전 과 중국 전통 을 결합 시 킨 빨 간 나무 가구 장식 이다.호텔 로비 가 고 급 스 럽 고 기품 이 있 으 며 독특한 회랑 과 화원 식 앞 광장 을 가진다.객실 은 전부 IDD / DD 전화, 미니 바, 금고, 위성 TV 시스템 과 컴퓨터 가 인터넷 에 접속 할 수 있 도록 갖 추어 져 있다.
호텔 은 또한 소형 다기 능 회의실, 소형 노래방 을 가지 고 있어 서 귀하 께 비 즈 니스 상담 과 레저 오락 일체 식 서 비 스 를 제공 합 니 다.호텔 중식 당 은 광 둥 요 리 를 위주 로 하고 정통 한 전복, 인삼 등 인간 의 맛 을 제공한다.

시설 & 서비스

조식 가격: CNY48($6.6) / 개
조식 유형: 뷔페
체크인: 14:00부터      체크아웃: 12:00까지
호텔 시설
유료 주차장 프런트 데스크 귀중품 금고 카페 중국 식당 로비 엘리베이터 레스토랑 금연 층 공공 장소 CCTV 감시 공공 사운드 시스템 멀티미디어 프레젠테이션 공용 구역 Wi-Fi (무료) 공공 장소에서 금연 로비 신문 관광 교통지도
카 헤일 링 서비스 회의장 여행 티켓 서비스 세탁 서비스 우편 서비스 풀 타임 벨보이 수하물 보관소 모닝콜 픽업 서비스 렌터카 서비스 컨시어지 서비스 팩스 / 복사 24 시간 로비 매니저 웨딩 서비스 신용 카드 결제 서비스 풀 타임 도어맨 픽업 서비스 빠른 체크인 및 체크 아웃 24 시간 프런트 데스크 VIP 채널 체크인
객실 편의시설
  • 현금

자주 묻는 질문: Chateau De Luze Beijing

점수:4.1/ 5.0
great location, nice 2level bedroom but terrible maintenance of the premise and not working internet... shall you need a working connection... not choose this hotel
[Stay in Multi-level Business Suite]
The hotel booked a room for me free and upgraded it to a superior king room. It's super cost-effective!
[Stay in Standard Queen Room]
The room is big
[Stay in Standard Queen Room]
Yes, I've lived several times
[Stay in Standard Queen Room]
Convenient transportation, nice room
[Stay in Standard Queen Room]
[Stay in Standard Queen Room]
The hotel is quite old. The breakfast is just a family restaurant, the service is average, and the room has a strange smell
[Stay in Standard Queen Room]
The hotel is very good. It has a duplex staggered room. It's very comfortable and cost-effective.
[Stay in Standard Queen Room]
It's an old hotel. If it's not close, you can't stay
[Stay in Standard Queen Room]
Spacious and loft style room, very conveinient location, many services and stores with reach.
[Stay in Standard Queen Room]


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