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Shenzhen Safari Park is located in the north of Shenzhen, on the bank of the beautiful Xili Lake. The zoo combines animals, plants and animal performances, and is the first to uncage animals in China. More than 300 breeds of animals live here. Many of them are rare animals in the world or national protected animals in China. Pandas, giraffes, Asian elephants, red-crowned cranes, Siberian tigers and flamingos all could be found in this park.
With green mountains to the north as its barrier, the Safari Park is like a bright pearl in the bustling metropolis. The zoo, occupying an area of 120 hectares (296.5 acres), has three parts according to the living habits of different animals. Visitors can take buses to watch the uncaged animals strolling on the lawn.
In the adventurous beasts' zone, white tigers (Bengal tigers), North China tigers (Siberian tigers), South China tigers, bears, wolves, lions and cheetahs, all have their own homes. In China, a saying goes that 'one mountain cannot have two tigers', but in the Chinese Liger Hill, tigers and lions live harmoniously with each other. Here, visitors find the only tiglon in the world and rare ligers. The South China tigers show the mien of Chinese tigers
Opening Hours:08:30-18:30
100 yuan for adults; 50 yuan for kids(1.1-1.4 m), elderly (65-69 years old); free for elderly (70 years old with valid ID card)
By Bus: 101, 226, 66, 104, 237A, 240, 361