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Putuo Mountain Scenic Seven days from the hub, Tianxuan, DNT, the right to four-day peak of the Pier and the Crescent Hill, open sun, Yaoguang three peaks form. Four peaks as the fighting Quebec North, South San Feng as the shank, seven peaks Kaleidoscopic, almost in the same plane, arranged in the layout like the Big Dipper, and therefore referred to as Qixingshan, scenic areas and thus the name.

Area has a typical karst landscape, set a beautiful hole in one of four no stone beauty. The main landscape Qixingyan, Huaqiao, Putuo Mountain, Hump, Crescent Hill and Monument Gui HaiLin et al, is that people must visit places.

Area also contains a rich history and cultural landscape. As early as the Sui and Tang dynasties a thousand years ago to become a tourist attraction. History of the formation of the "Big Dipper", "Qixia real environment", "Crescent Hong Ying", "Hump red Xia", "Miracle Hidden Dragon" and other attractions. Cliff stele more than 500, for historical and cultural landscape adds luster. Former U.S. President Bill Clinton has been published in this speech, Clinton is left podium.

Seven Star Crags
Legend has it that the formation of the underground river caves, ancient times, said Qixia tunnel, there is a typical karst landscape. DNT cave entrance at the peak of the southwest hillside, exports in Dong Lu, in three layers. The lower is a modern underground river, perennial water, rafting Yao You can visit Taiwan vortex alum, black rock, Deer Cave, light rock and other King; middle asAn underground natural gallery, run up to 800 meters. Throughout the cave stalactites, Dongjing magical magnificent. 8-12 m higher than the upper middle, and the residual traces can still be identified. Legend has it that the most famous is the stone sarcophagus inside the hole by the Tang Li Yi hide the book "Duanzhou Shishi mind" inscriptions. Cliff inside buildings, namely, are more than 270 subjects, from Tang and Song dynasties, down to the Ming and Qing dynasties, and more from famous hands, the "Millennium Poetry Gallery," said.

Across the river and the small sword of the Spirit will flow at the East River,Seven Star Park at the west entrance. Jia Xi formerly known as Bridge, is the oldest stone arch bridge in Guilin. Founded in the Southern Song Dynasty, dating back some eight hundred years of history. Half of the bridge opening under the bridge with four reflections in the water to form four jade plate, shaped like the full moon, a "Huaqiao Hong Ying," the beauty of the idea can be described as unique and wonderful workmanship.

Putuo Mountain
Seven Star Park is located in the center of Putuo Mountain, by Tianshu, Tianxuan, days Angeles, the day 4 peak of the right of the composition. Hole in the mountain worship for the Goddess of Mercy, while the Buddhist practice called universalTuo Shan.
North along the avenue to the Putuo Osmanthus door, the door from the Putuo mountain, left into the "quiet environmental Chaochen", had owned and small Penglai Pavilion Tsui promenade, went to the Putuo Stone Forest. Here Qi Shi Zhengrong, rugged stone bone. Putuo hillside floor, ascends the building overlooking the scenery of Guilin, after the Cave House is a place dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy. Putuo Putuo floor next to the rock, through the Putuo rock, board basaltic Court, in the Court between the left window of the cliff, "Tortoise and Snake one" relief. Red turtle green snake, vivid image, which is Pan Daoshi masterpiece. The western foot of the mountain are per wind tunnel, cool summerSummer, here is the cool breeze. Putuo Mountain peak on the day Reaching for the Stars Pavilion Angeles, Tang Pavilion Jimu around, and you can see the Song Dynasty poet Liu Chong wrote, "Ye Li Qian Feng ring, a stream of water hold the city," the magnificent scenery.

"Hump" is a short Camel Hill, because of squatting on the ground resembles a camel named after the ancient times because of like a flagon, also called him pot mountain. Celebrities Leiming Chun Ming Dynasty south to avoid war and seclusion of this, over the kinds of peach, wrote books. He was a good drink,Drunk, he shouts and since the number "wine people" buried in the foot of the mountain engraved with "Ray Tomb of wine people." Each spring, peach popular, as if to put on Camel Hill Red Xia, very beautiful scenery, ancient so called "red pot mountain Xia", that hump red Xia. This is one of the King of Guilin sixteen.
After the mountain in the Putuo Mountain, on both sides of a zoo, miniature farm, garden and tea house.

Crescent Hill
The Pier by the Qixingshan, open Yang, YaoComposed of three peaks of light, because there is a rocky mountainside a distance resembles a crescent, it got its name. Because of the mountains there Hidden Dragon Cave, Long Yin Yan, also known as Hidden Dragon Hill.
Crescent mountain rock, Jin Jiang Tower, Tan Kwai Yan, Hidden Dragon Cave, Long Yin Yan and other attractions. Long Yin Yan cave like a bag for children, also known as Long Yin Yan Yan bag the biggest feature is the many inscriptions, the Ming Dynasty who say it is "not finished stone wall." Long Yin Yan mouth into the "Forest of Stone Tablets Kwai sea" museum, the exhibition out the inscriptions scattered throughout the city rubbing, for people to enjoy, has been hailed as"Ancient Calligraphy Yilin."

Special Note:

June -10 cooler weather last month, Seven Star Park, suitable for mountain climbing is the best tourist season. August to October is peak tourist season here, the climate is relatively hot, place to watch the caves.

Seven Star Park is located in the east coast of the Lijiang River, 1.5 km from the city center, is Guilin';s largest and most scenic of the comprehensive park.


Seven Star Park is the most distinctive crescent floor of snacks"Guzi side", is cooked with water and then poured the soup noodles, the soup is very particular, very refreshing taste very fresh.


Park in the city center, accommodation is very convenient. The city has low, medium and high-grade variety of hotels, according to their needs and actual situation of choice.


1, except walk around the scenic area, the car battery can provide full pay sightseeing tour.

2, bus 10 Road, 11 Road, 14 Road, 18 Road, 25 Road,30 Road, 31 Road, 98 Road, free public car 52 Road, 58 scenic Huaqiao Road up to the door.

3, bus 14 Road, 25 Road, 28 Road, 30 Road, 31 Road, 98 Road, 52 Road, free public car hump up to the door area.

4, bus 10 Road, 24 scenic Qixia up to the door.

5, bus 14 Road, 25 Road, 28 Road, 30 Road, 31 Road, 98 Road, 52 Road, free public car up to the door Hidden Dragon area.

6, the scenic area of Huaqiao shuttle bus can reach the door, the door hump. Tickets


1, Seven Star Park: 35 million), Seven Star Crags: 30.

2, 65 per season ticket, season ticket 60. 1.4 meters free of charge, except for youth groups.