Suzhou Greendoor Resort

越渓旺山観光スポット、旺山路に近いです。, South Eastern, Suzhou, China.地図で表示 >
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4.0/5 に基づく300件の口コミ

God rewards the diligent J said: Comfortable, warm,

ajun9279 said: Like the Villa. every aspect is designed for a large family holiday. surrounding scenery as well. for there to be

Easy_yan said: It's not bad

Antonio168 said: Hotel was very good, on the edge of wangshan area there is a, are ordinary three-star hotel standard room facilities, hotel customer service attitude is good, there is no kitchen ... ...

itisgood said: Nice room is also good, but it did not book a villa from the Shanghai.

leiyee said: Room a little flavor, nice, nice!

jiang0904 said: Overall a good environment, we went to two other Villa seemed to be on the day of the wedding, quite lively. commented that there will be many mosquitoes before, but it seems only to see leave traces of the mosquito on the wall.

liudongli said: Hotel very comfortable, warm and mainly in the surrounding environment, if you can take good care of the hotel swimming pool will be better under!

e00016894 said: Nice, not too far from the hot springs, the door has many farm, eating is very convenient, nice

baby121314 said: Very good, a Villa two rooms, another room that no one locked, our own lives alone in a ... very quiet, a very good environment.

e00067106 said: Good, clean, peripheral, and will come back again!

drain said: Hotels in wangshan area, still a fine spring day. room with a spa package is good! but the breakfast was poor! staff dress casually.

xiaowu said: Room is big and there is food and clean the closets, decisive stand out with tasty, very carefree holidays

xxfsl520 said: Nice room is a little old, if more Villa might be more like

amy19850610 said: Families living in the Villa is really handy and very happy, is a peach of a roof is leaking, and climbed out of the bug, a little dirty. The Mahjong table was stuck in the Office, but looking for someone to finally repaired, himself a pillow and dress trousers back to front desk help express, service was good.

fxj1234 said: Villa type of hotel, environment quiet, near farm Le many, in mountain in go go is comfortable. facilities compared General, Villa need whole between package down, two room a Office to six room a Office ranging, standard between words only double people room, no big bed room, set of when didn't note to, again to for told no big bed room of room type. breakfast is a simple of earlier package 'porridge, eggs, half block sweet potato, a small of purple potato package, Erie milk'. If on accommodation requirements not high, can consider, after allEnvironment is still very good.

e00059588 said: Very good environment

jarnivore said: Quiet, clean Villa ... neighboring farmhouse taste good. Visit xiejiadaikou for my friends.

amma2005 said: Well, a very good environment, go out to dinner. room similar to the Han court level. a group of people very happy to a villa. overall satisfaction

e03056238 said: In addition to environment and great location, others such as health, facilities, breakfast was not that good


Room typeMax.BedNetworkBreakfastAvg.rate


  • 35 sqm
  • ツイン
  • 1-2 F
  1. Can't extra bed
  2. Single bed 1.2m, 2

Mountain-view Suite

  • 80 sqm
  • ベッド
  • 1-3 F
  1. Can't extra bed
  2. Double bed 1.8m, 1

Villa (2-bedroom and 1-living room)

  • 130 sqm
  • --
  • 1 F
  1. Can't extra bed

Villa (3-bedroom and 1-living room)

  • 200 sqm
  • ベッド
  • 1-2 F
  1. Can't extra bed
  2. Double bed 1.5m, 1

Villa (4-bedroom and 1-living room)

  • 140 sqm
  • --
  • 1-2 F
  1. Can't extra bed


郵便番号:215104   開業:2010   客室数:43  
蘇州旺山耕島別荘リゾートホテル(Suzhou Greendoor Resort), ホテルは蘇州呉中国家4 A級観光スポットの旺山中心エリアにあり、周辺の緑と水に囲まれ、島内林が盛んで、「緑生態王国」と「農耕文化」を体験する高尚なレジャークラブです。




アメニティ & サービス

チェックイン: 14:00から      チェックアウト: 12:00まで
無料駐車場 セントラル·エアコン エレベーターなし ロビー無料新聞 レストラン 非営業客休憩エリア 公共区域閉路テレビ監視システム 公共音響システム
会議室 ビジネスセンター 郵便サービス 荷物を預ける モーニングコール 24時間フロントサービス 24時間ロビーマネージャー クレジットカード決済サービス 一括精算サービス
24時間のお湯 ドライヤー スリッパ 机の上 電気ポット ペットボトルの水は無料です ミニ冷蔵庫 バスタブ 独立シャワー室 電気温水器 普通分体エアコン 無料の洗面用品(6種類以内) ガーデン?シーン 山の景色 川の景色 ベランダ 風呂場電話 浴室 液晶テレビ ワードローブ 裁縫袋 マニュアルカーテン 二等寝台で長沙で髪を伸ばします。 寝具:毛布または布団 ソファー 予備の寝具 220 V電圧コンセント 露の台 ケーブルチャンネル 電子レンジ 暖炉 部屋内の高速インターネット 電話 客室WIFIのカバーは無料です。
茶室 焼き物をする 屋外プール 徒歩旅行
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質問: Suzhou Greendoor Resort

スコア:4.0/ 5.0
Because is independent of small hospital Villa, private sex better, and in scenic in the, relative leisure, so family holiday also is recommended. but based facilities fundamental cannot is 4 star standard. scheduled of is 4 room a Office of Villa, broadband is bad of, repair has but eventually didn't fix; Office in of air conditioning not hot (room air conditioning also line); hot supply too poor, people more bath hot on supply insufficient, said is tank boil water slow, to batch bath, interval time to 2 hours.
Hotels in wangshan area, still a fine spring day. room with a spa package is good! but the breakfast was poor! staff dress casually.
[Stay in Villa view]
Live in the area, price, facilities and services.
[Stay in Villa]
God rewards the diligent J
Comfortable, warm,
Room is big and there is food and clean the closets, decisive stand out with tasty, very carefree holidays
[Stay in Villa view]
Nice room is a little old, if more Villa might be more like
Well............ Environment is very good, pool ... It's not bad
[Stay in Villa (4-bedroom and 1-living room)]
Outside is very convenient, good facilities
[Stay in Villa (3-bedroom and 1-living room)]
Facilities of the hotel is too old. in particular, a six-bedroom house. may be decorated too long causes rain runoff. four-bedroom Villa decoration are relatively new and do slightly better. hope that the hotel can improve.
[Stay in Villa (4-bedroom and 1-living room)]
Rooms a bit dated, and Inns around Nice, the environment is suitable for around.
[Stay in Villa]