Blossom Hill Inn Suzhou

平江路大儒巷南石ころ街10号は、頓路に近いです。, Gusu District, Suzhou, China.地図で表示 >
CNY 1680
4.7/5 に基づく233件の口コミ

evernee said: The environment is elegant and distinctive

e01172898 said: A beautiful hotel

mustup said: A very historic hotel, huajiantang is as good as ever

wing.liao said: I feel it very much. I'll come back next time

yang6938 said: There is a unique cave in the depths of the alley, which is very distinctive. The room is atmospheric and worth visiting.

daisywang said: There's nothing to say about the environment. The hotel service is also good. I'll consider it next time

P.Man said: Sit in the yard and feel the stillness of time

minna_yang said: I like this hotel very much! The room is antique, tall and large, with a lot of public space, and it is very artistic. Usually very picky husbands think they should stay in such a hotel when they go to Suzhou. Mother said the hotel had the flavor of the big house she lived in when she was a child.

estellayt said: OK!

bingobmw said: I will stay in a very elegant and cultural hotel again

e00704604 said: Huajian hall gives me the feeling that it is a model of invincible service. The disadvantage is that the guests don't want to leave when they stay in. When I went to Suzhou this time, Mingming booked three rooms. On the way, I told me to discuss it. Because the guests wanted to continue to stay, I went directly to the hotel when I was on the way. I told me that there was only one room left. I asked us to go to the 'Shuxiang family' Hotel, which was rejected by me. Later, I had to add beds. Our family of six were crowded into one room. Fortunately, Huajiantang's house has a large space and is crowded with six people. It's a warm feeling. To apologize, the hotel offered free breakfast and extra bed, which saved me more than 2800 yuan. It's more beautiful to live in Suzhou.

cici0602 said: The second stay is still comfortable and elegant????

drsdy said: It's a great hotel. The facilities and services are in place. It's very close to the surrounding scenic spots. It's recommended!

Anny Wu said: The environment is pretty good. It's quite suitable for a quiet weekend here

st-hui said: Changed the check-in date three times and finally pulled the grass. The room is fully in line with expectations. The restaurant has good taste and quiet except for many mosquitoes

julia5386 said: Great! Warm service and elegant environment. Nothing better. This is the best!

Marcle said: Absolute and pleasing one stay

reddoor said: The environment is great. The old house is very tasty. It is close to several scenic spots. In the evening, you can go to the Fuxi guild hall next door to listen to Kunqu Opera. It's a good experience. You must prevent mosquitoes this season

congjing1982 said: It is a good place with Jiangnan characteristics, elegant environment and self-cultivation.

fordemann said: It is very suitable for small living, and the decoration is very chic


Room typeMax.BedNetworkBreakfastAvg.rate


  • 50 sqm
  • ベッド
  • 1-2 F
  1. Extra Bed: CNY500/night
  2. Double bed 1.8m, 1


  • 55 sqm
  • ベッド
  • 1 F
  1. Extra Bed: CNY500/night
  2. Double bed 1.8m, 1


郵便番号:215005   開業:2013   改築:2017   客室数:21   商業エリア:Guanqian Street/Pingjiang Street/Downtown
Blossom Hill Inn Suzhou, それは東に平江路、西に臨して前街を見て、にぎやかな都市の中の1か所の蘇式の古い家に隠れます。ここはかつて蘇州の望族の「潘氏」の邸宅で、その家族の中で潘祖陰がかつて花を探ることに当たったため、「探花府」と命名しました。花間堂だけではなく、蘇州にある最初の店舗でもあります。デザインチームが夕晴江南の園景の美しさと貴潘の生活志向を再現した体験場です。

アメニティ & サービス

朝食の値段: CNY88($13.1) / 枚
朝食の時間: 07:00-10:00
朝食の種類: ビュッフェ (中華)
チェックイン: 15:00から      チェックアウト: 12:00まで
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質問: Blossom Hill Inn Suzhou

スコア:4.7/ 5.0
When you travel to Suzhou, you should live in Tanhua mansion. The decoration here has the characteristics of Suzhou, the facilities of the room are excellent, and the breakfast matching is also very nutritious. It is difficult to find the location. Fortunately, the service is in place. There are staff guidance along the way, so you can check in smoothly. The hotel service is in place. It is a satisfactory travel check-in, and you can come back next time
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The environment is elegant and distinctive
[Stay in Family garden view]
Several male waiters are very kind and friendly. The hotel environment is very beautiful and the kitten is very cute. I'll go again
[Stay in From a garden suite]
A beautiful hotel
[Stay in Family garden view]
A very historic hotel, huajiantang is as good as ever
[Stay in Family garden view]
In terms of hotel renovation, huajiantang has made a lot of efforts, but compared with some foreign brands, the details, such as water and sound insulation, need to be improved. The service is still good, very friendly and friendly
[Stay in Family garden view]
The room is beautiful and the courtyard is beautiful. But the cloth cushion on the chair is very dirty. It's obvious that it hasn't been washed for a long time. The bedding is clean. It rained on the day I went, so there were few people, and I didn't see the waiter. There is a dog at the front desk. The owner of the dog should be a clerk. He doesn't like guests touching the dog very much. In this case, don't bring it! In short, it's not as good as expected.
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I feel it very much. I'll come back next time
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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Aaaaaaaa
[Stay in From a garden suite]
Stay in the official residence with rich experience. Pingjiang road is just a few steps away. It's convenient to go shopping and feel hidden in the city. It's just that it's suitable to travel by yourself. It's inconvenient to take the elderly and children. The alley at the door is too small for the car to drive to the door. You have to drag your luggage. The environment is elegant, but it is not suitable for babies who can't walk. They can't carry too much or too heavy luggage. They are drunk holding them all the time. Gaode navigation ruined me, causing me to drag my luggage so heavy that I went to other places, far away from the hotel. It took me an hour to find the hotel, broke Gaode and resolutely reported the error. The hotel itself is good and fresh. It feels deep and deep in the courtyard when entering the room. I also like the catering. It is fresh, quiet and rich breakfast, and there are few people. There are eight rooms in total, so it won't be noisy. It's best to bring girlfriends. Male girlfriends and female girlfriends. Ha ha, a timid child who lives by himself may be a little afraid. He had a clear dream all night and dreamed of the belongings of his dead relatives. The inn in the rain has a special scene. It's very pleasant to listen to the Bose sound accompanied by the rain outside the window and have a sip of rose Pu'er.
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