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前門大柵西街52号、前門大柵歩行者天国西側, Xicheng District, Beijing, China.地図で表示 >
CNY 320
4.2/5 に基づく142件の口コミ

anxin said: It's quite quiet. It's a good feeling to stay in an inn for the first time!

bernie_416 said: The geographical location is superior, the surrounding transportation is convenient, and the food, accommodation and play go hand in hand

fayegong said: The environment is good, with the flavor of ancient town. I like it.

cmc168 said: I like it so much

e00030800 said: The location is very good and the transportation is very convenient

e01115076 said: Good, in the alley. Follow the navigation around the alley, and then to a place full of Beijing special snacks outside, you can see the hotel. It's very interesting. There are many foreigners downstairs.

alps85918 said: The service attitude was good. The standard room was set at the beginning because the plane arrived here late. There was only a big bed room left. My mother and I didn't care. It felt comfortable to enter the hotel. It was comfortable to wear it at will. It was a courtyard. It was a very distinctive room. People came to clean the toilet every day. The only disadvantage was that the room was small. There was no time limit for shower and there was no noise at night. The traffic was really cruel and convenient. Go to Tiananmen Square to get rid of ANN Check the time in line and walk for about 15 minutes. The overall feeling is good... By the way, remind the majority of friends of two things. If you buy fruit on the left side of the alley, you must pay attention to the boss's character. I didn't change the money when I bought watermelon. Later, I went to ask the boss to refuse to admit it. I also said that I lied to her... There's no way and no evidence. If you can't tell clearly, blame yourself for your carelessness. Another thing is the travel agency at the entrance of the alley. What's the Great Wall Today's 80 day tour will be 60 in two days, and your group will have invisible consumption. At that time, 80 / person of our group went to the Great Wall for a one-day tour and began to cheat for 30 minutes. They began to charge the fee of the Ming and Qing palace. When one person arrived at 130, they climbed the Great Wall for 100 minutes, and then took us to four marketing points selling jade specialty crystal jade. Jade crystal doesn't say that most people won't buy specialty products, which are twice as expensive as those in the urban area, not to mention roast duck or jade Unknown jade crystal without freezing. There is someone who has a special class for brainwashing. You can't take him at all. He's unfamiliar and far from the city. He can't walk. Finally, the guide disappeared. The remaining drivers didn't send us to the scheduled place bird's nest until more than 4 p.m. we have to take a ride back by ourselves. In short, it's very dark and pitiful!

Anigi said: very nice

eriv8 said: good

josiejosie said: The service was very good. Originally, I booked a standard room online, because I took the children and changed the parent-child room. I'm very grateful. In addition, the environment is beautiful. In particular, the corridor can also be a leisure area. The hotel is very close to Tiananmen Square

vanessacm said: Praise

callmecall said: sure

cforest said: But your hostel There are many foreigners

gjjwwt said: very good

iamcarolluo said: It's very good. It's very convenient to see the flag raising. It's only ten minutes' walk.

e00137164 said: The environment was good, the service attitude was also very good

green0330 said: There are a lot of foreign friends. The room for six people is small and a little crowded. It is recommended to choose multiple rooms, which are more spacious, but the environment is very good, the geographical location is also very good, and it is easy to find. I am very happy to make a lot of friends

xjwanglei said: very good

menswto said: The hotel environment is very good. Many foreigners in the small bar feel at home. Although it is a public bathroom, the hygiene is still very good. The sound insulation is a little poor, but it is acceptable. It's just a stroll away from Tiananmen Square

miuccia said: not bad


Room typeMax.BedNetworkBreakfastAvg.rate

Standard Queen Room

  • 18 sqm
  • ベッド
  • 1 F
  1. Can't extra bed
  2. Double bed 2m, 1

Standard Room

  • 18 sqm
  • ツイン
  • 1 F
  1. Can't extra bed
  2. Single bed 1.2m, 2


郵便番号:100051   開業:2016   改築:2019   客室数:38   商業エリア:Qianmen, The Temple Of Heaven and Chongwenmen
Leo Hostel Beijing, 有名な北京大柵胡同(大柵)に位置しています。一家がLonelyを受けています。 プラネットが賞賛する中国の宿屋。旅舎は前门広场と有名な天安门広场から500メートルあります。前门のバスと地下鉄の中心から5分の歩行距离があります。紫禁城からわずか10分の歩行距离です。

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質問: Leo Hostel Beijing

スコア:4.2/ 5.0
The location is very good and the atmosphere is super good. It is said that foreigners have a high evaluation and there are many foreigners. But in fact, it's quite ordinary. The wireless in the guest room is not very good. The one I live in is still a little noisy
[Stay in Six-bed dorms (public health)]
It's quite quiet. It's a good feeling to stay in an inn for the first time!
[Stay in Standard Room]
The geographical location is superior, the surrounding transportation is convenient, and the food, accommodation and play go hand in hand
[Stay in Standard Room]
Backpacking is a paradise where men and women live together. Although it is inconvenient, it also feels different
[Stay in Six-bed dorms (public health)]
The environment is very good. The subway is very good. I found the front door C exit. The service is very careful. I will go again next time. The only disadvantage is that the facilities are a little old
[Stay in Returning to four rooms (bed room)]
The location is good. It's in Dashilan pedestrian street. It's convenient for shopping and eating. It's also close to Tiananmen Square. It's reasonable to use this price at this location. There are many foreign young people staying.
[Stay in Standard Queen Room]
The environment is good, with the flavor of ancient town. I like it.
[Stay in Triple Room]
The public area is very distinctive, and the room quilt is a little damp. There are no other problems. Many international friends stay in the hotel
[Stay in Standard Room]
Generally speaking, the room is relatively small, and the decoration outside is a little noisy.
[Stay in Standard Queen Room]
I like it so much
[Stay in Six-bed dorms (public health)]