Jiu Hua Spa & Resort Beijing

小湯山順沙路75号九華山荘(客室部フロントチェックイン), Changping District, Beijing, China.地図で表示 >
CNY 600
4.0/5 に基づく723件の口コミ

dragonflyjp said: The service is pretty good, there are too many people, the construction is not as good as before... It's OK to play around!

aefsports said: The environment is very good and the price is also very good

eagle1996 said: Contact to add a battery car to transport passengers to the hot spring.

scorpiotears said: Good, good

e04596303 said: very good

e00165607 said: Accommodation + hot spring, high cost performance

evaliu said: The hotel facilities are OK. It's a good hotel.

activity37 said: The room is clean and spacious. The hot spring water is very good and will come again. Educational paradise is more suitable for young children, but not for children aged 7 or 8. Bento is made from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. If you only stay for one night, you should book it the day before check-in. We won't use it this time. The child is very disappointed. In short, I will come again, but I will change a package

cici4422 said: No, that's good

Grey_Dai said: Lazy to write, have to write,

aiwei919 said: Yes, I'll think about it again

Jonny.xxf said: The hotel is not bad, the picking is too bad

adtonny said: The overall feeling is still very good, that is, parents should bring their own swimsuits. If they forget, they buy expensive ones there, everything else is good, and the dishes are delicious, not too expensive!

c399699114 said: The venue of the class was in zone 17. I ordered a family package in zone 16. I gave two sets of hot spring tickets, but I didn't have time to use them. Snacks were accommodated by two students who shared a room in my room. Your hotel was very good. I helped make an extra bed.

feifeiaalove said: The hotel environment is very good and the lobby is very domineering. The open-air hot spring is more distinctive, but I didn't experience the swimming pool because I forgot to wear a swimming cap. The water looks clean.

xuxiaobo80 said: The hot spring hotel that I often go to has its own characteristics, warm and thoughtful service and rich breakfast. The only regret this time is that the window of the room is in the hotel. Overall, five-star level! recommend!

carryandbill said: Really good!

cocosir said: The hotel environment is very good, very comfortable, great.

J_Axe said: The accommodation conditions are really good, but the central air conditioning is too hot. Don't go there without a car. It's far away.

e00070010 said: It's good to soak in the hot spring. The hot spring water is enough!


Room typeMax.BedNetworkBreakfastAvg.rate

District 16 Twin Room

  • 20 sqm
  • ツイン
  • 5-12 F
  • No Smoking Room
  1. Extra Bed: CNY100/night
  2. 2 single beds: 1.2m*2m

District 16 Queen Room

  • 20 sqm
  • ベッド
  • 5-12 F
  1. Can't extra bed
  2. 1 queen bed: 1.8m*2m

Executive Business Suite

  • 12 sqm
  • ベッド
  • 60-65 F
  1. Can't extra bed
  2. 1 queen bed: 1.8m*2m


郵便番号:102211   開業:1997   改築:2015   客室数:1231   商業エリア:Xiaotangshan Hot Springs
Jiu Hua Spa & Resort Beijing, 北京市昌平区小湯山にあります。六環に隣接しています。京昌、京承高速道路と繋がっています。亜運村から車で25分で着けます。首都国際空港にも便利です。

アメニティ & サービス

朝食の値段: CNY40($5.5) / 枚
朝食の種類: ビュッフェ
チェックイン: 14:00から      チェックアウト: 12:00まで
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  • 現金

質問: Jiu Hua Spa & Resort Beijing

スコア:4.0/ 5.0
The service is pretty good, there are too many people, the construction is not as good as before... It's OK to play around!
[Stay in 16 double room]
The environment is very good and the price is also very good
[Stay in Deluxe Hotspring Queen Room]
More traditional hotels can be described as magnificent, and the supporting facilities of the hotel are OK, but after all, they are aging and not very advanced. It's far from the hot spring. You'd better drive there. Because the direction sign is not very clear, you may take a few laps, but it's better than walking in the cold. The indoor hot spring facilities are not satisfactory. There are few pools. There are many outdoor pools, but the water quality is general. Floating dust is often seen on them. The restaurant is not expensive. There is no problem eating enough. There are all kinds of sliced noodles, hot and sour noodles, dumplings, meat cakes and so on, but you must go when you want to eat. If you go late, there will be leftovers or can't be served.
[Stay in 16 double room]
The traffic is good. The name is Didi. Don't take the black car at the door of the hotel. The housing facilities are much older than they were five years ago. The hotel and venue are as big as ever.
[Stay in 16 standard rooms]
The front desk group buying service lady is very professional and explains things clearly.
[Stay in 16 standard rooms]
It's quite remote. There are hot springs. It's not bad, but there are too few places to eat
[Stay in 16 standard rooms]
The room is not hygienic. The room is very small
[Stay in 16 double room]
The environment is very good, and the hot spring facilities are old,
[Stay in 16 double room]
Large scale and good facilities, but the service needs to be improved. First, it took a long time to check in and check out, and the waiter was too slow; Second, eating buffet breakfast is like a war. There are not many kinds of things and the update is slow.
[Stay in 16 standard rooms]
Contact to add a battery car to transport passengers to the hot spring.
[Stay in 16 double room]