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Qing Feng of Xi'an High-tech Development Zone is located in the north of the park, Taoyuan South Road, at the northwest corner of the junction of South Second Ring, Xi'an, in the original site of the old airport, converted. Construction of the ecological landscape of modern blend of historical and cultural landscape of the imperial garden, its main architectural style of Tang Dynasty. The entire park, including Mexico, Hong Mei Zhu, Jia Gui Acacia, secluded bamboo grove Yayun, Chan Jin Ji Fang, Xiang Lake on the invitation, Shuang Feng Xuan autumn, pines bowed Tsui, Ying Li Songchun, Huai Yin Hanbi so a total of 9 spots. Major water features and architectural landscape: the Lake, Bo Art Museum, Gallery, Serenity House and so on.

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May 1 -10 close at 23:00 on the 1st January, 22:30 start Qing Yuan; the rest close one hour earlier.