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    The park, based on the Chinese traditional landscape garden, adopts the resilient and elegant artistic handling of western garden building, thus having handsome and natural artistic pleasure. The environment of the park is suitable for holding western style wedding ceremony with recreation items of "unswerving allegiance" and "flying abreast of each other alike accompanied birds in the sky", etc.

    The whole process of the wedding ceremony begins in the lively music of "wedding march". The bride holds a bunch of fresh flowers and passes through the bridge with the bridegroom hand in hand. They wander across the broad lawn and come over to the church of wedding celebration. At this time, the bridegroom and the bride walk onto the red heart-shaped carpet. Among the dancing colored papers, the couple holds colored ribbons in hand and releases the doves. After a while, they sit beside the round table. The Miss Manners presents a large bottle of champagne and red wedding invitation cards and invites the newly wed couple to perform the union of wine cups (Jiaobeijiu, the rite of drinking from nuptial cups by the bridegroom and bride on their wedding day). After the ceremony, the couple is carried in the decorated sedan chair to a small house in the woods. The ceremony of entering the bridal chameber is held after they have worshipped Heaven and Earth. After that, they take a horse-drawn trolley along the curved path into the western style garden. They drink up a cup of joyful wine at the wedding feast together with their accompanying relatives and friends in the garden. The whole western style wedding ceremony ends here.