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An AAAA National Tourist Attraction, one of the Top Ten Tourist Attraction in Beijing, National Double Supports Model Unit. Beijing World Park locates in southwest Fengtai in Beijing, at No. 158 Fengbao Road, Huaxiang, Fengtai District; you can go south along the southwest part of the Fourth Ring Road to get there. The Park is about 16km away from Tian'anmen and 8km away from Beijing West Railway Station, as one of the large-scale miniature theme parks in Asia, the Park has opened to the public since 25 October 1993. The name of the Park was inscribed by former President of China - Jiang Zemin.
The World Park covers 46.7 hectares of area. It collects 119 scenic spots from 50 countries with a graphic design based on the map of the five continents and waterways modelled on the map of the four oceans. It serves as a theme park that collects various landmarks of the world and carries the cultural background of all nations.
By categories, the Park has seven great towers: the Pyramid, Eiffel Tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Yingxian Wooden Tower, Shwedagon Pagoda, Gojunoto in Japan, and Lighthouse of Alexandria; five great bridges: Bosporus Bridge, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge, London Tower Bridge and Venice Rialto Bridge; landmarks: Notre Dame de Paris, Hagia Sophia, Saint Peter's Basilica, Luxor Temple, Athen Acropolis, German castle, and Colorado Grand Canyon; famous buildings: House of Parliament in London, White House, United States Capitol, Lincoln Memorial, World Trade Centre, Empire State Building, United Nations Buildings, Grand Palace of Thailand, the Kremlin, Sydney Opera House, NASA of the United States, Red Square in Moscow, and Arch of Triumph in France; famous sculpture(s): the Mogao Grottoes, Borobudur of Indonesia, Shiva of India, African animals, Warsaw Mermaid, Don Quixote, Manneken Pis in Brussels, Statue of Liberty and woodcutting totem of Maori; steles and pillars: Totem-pole in Mexico, Washington Monument, etc.; fairy tales: landscapes from 24 world-known fairy tales, including "The Little Mermaid", "Snow White", "Cinderella", "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves", "Lamp of Aladdin", "The Magic Brush" and "Gulliver's Travels" and so on.
There are also exotic International Avenue and International Folk Village in the Park that offer catering, shopping and recreation. The 200-meter-long International Avenue located at the northeast corner of the Park with 15 thousand square meters of area is a western-style architectural complex; it consists of Italian Boutique Street, German Goethe Food Building and Swiss Lausanne Gift Street and so on, mainly selling local-flavour snacks of various countries and souvenirs, and offering exotic recreational activities.
The major activities and shows of the Park include: universal folk-custom fancy car parade, original exotic songs and dances (April - November of each year), the elephant Water-Sprinkling Festival in summer, 4D dynamic theatre, Thai elephant and crocodile show, Japanese teaism show, Square of Peace Dove, golden carp viewing, air sightseeing on a fire balloon, and American West Cowboy Roller Coaster, Children's Amusement World, Choochoo Train around the World, European carriages and carriages for couples. Handicrafts, souvenirs and food of various countries can be found at the booths in the Park.
The Park also carries out interesting "Global-Style" large musical garden party during "May Day" holidays and "National Day" holidays, and beloved "Asian Folk-Custom Garden Party" that suits both refined and popular tastes during Spring Festival.
Address: No. 158, Fengbao Road, Fengtai District, Beijing
Business hours: 7:30-17:10 in summer; 8:00-16:30 in winter
Fare: RMB65 / adult; RMB35 / student
How to get here:
Bus: Route Te-7 (Qianmen - World Park), 905 (Summer Palace - World Park), 937-west line (Lishilu - Daxingdazhuang, stops at World Park), 959 (Mentougou - World Park), 744 (East Street of Beijing Railway Station - World Park), 944-feeder (Dewai - World Park), 913, 967, 981, 692, 480, 451 and 477.
Self-driving: you can drive south for about 2km from Kefengqiao of the southwest part of the Fourth Ring Road