Guangdong Hot Spring Hotel Guangzhou

No 38, Wenquan West Road, Wenquan Town, Conghua District, Guangzhou, China.voir la carte >
CNY 850
4.3/5 D'après 431 avis

opticld said: Green mountains and green waters, fresh air and some old facilities of the state guesthouse do not affect the mood

dragon2009 said: Yes, the environment inside is quiet. Bring the old man to live. The old man is very happy.

jes_lu said: Clean and elegant, the room is large and the environment is very comfortable

e00363992 said: It's the eighth time. Needless to say, it's very good because it's very good.

Alexyu26 said: Very good, good environment, suitable for leisure, hot spring

MM2010 said: The children like it very much. How many times have they gone

laobeide said: I came here to recuperate in an hour. The old-fashioned service is quite warm

maoluye said: not bad

e01192293 said: as a foreign couple, we really had a wonderful experience. The hotel the staff the setting all marvelous. Definately recomend a visit.

maggieguo said: Hot spring water is very real. There are a lot of things to play with. The child said he would come next time.

dj11870 said: Environment: very comfortable! There are mountains to climb and greenways to walk. The park has beautiful scenery and many green trees. It's very comfortable! Guest room: the room is very big; The toilet is also large. There is baking soda hot spring water in the bathtub on the left and the shower on the right! You can bring a bathtub to cover your room and soak in the hot spring. The fly in the ointment is that the room isolation is Lanyuan open-air hot spring. At the construction site of the new hot spring pool, it is very noisy in the room in the afternoon, which affects the rest. Breakfast: it's very rich. There are traditional soybean milk white porridge, Cantonese breakfast, chicken claw sausage powder, pig red soup and so on. It's delicious! Service: free swimming and hot spring in the sports hall with room card; The swimming pool water uses hot spring water, which is clean and does not have a great smell of disinfectant; Very satisfied!

cantor98 said: Living in Songyuan, the environment is very good, the air is fresh, the roads are clean, the room facilities are not very new, but they are also clean and tidy, and the room is spacious. We like it very much. We'll go next time.

xiuvan said: Living in Songyuan Park, the environment is very quiet, but it is far away from meals and hot springs.

liujiawen999 said: Very good, first-class environment, not many people, natural oxygen bar!

alwen2009 said: The environment is very good. It's too quiet. When I see the hot spring in my room, I release water and clean it every morning. I don't have to say that. It is close to the Southern College of Sun Yat sen University. I stayed for two days this time. Specially sent my nephew to register for school.

d00916513 said: very nice! Fan of the old state-owned hotel, the facilities are a little old but very clean, which is better than the new hotel with a great taste of new decoration! The hot spring and swimming pool are highly praised and cost-effective. Suitable for coming often.

wwxing1 said: I like the hot spring here very much. There is a large independent hot spring pool in the room, drinking small wine, enjoying the moon and soaking in the hot spring. The air is super good

Da light said: The environment is very good. It is indeed the former provincial government hostel. A very cost-effective experience. It's just that there are some small problems when checking in at the front desk, which have been solved quickly.

cdy99207 said: It's not bad. I stayed one more day and repeated the evaluation

cx603136601 said: The environment is very good. You can take hot springs and climb mountains in the hotel. The vegetation in the hotel is very good, which is very suitable for relaxing and breathing oxygen on weekends.

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Room typeMax.BedNetworkBreakfastAvg.rate

Standard Twin Room

  • 32 sqm
  • Twin beds
  • 1-5 F
  1. Can't extra bed
  2. 2*Single bed 1.2m

Deluxe Twin Room

  • 40 sqm
  • Twin beds
  • 1-5 F
  1. Extra Bed: CNY150/night
  2. 2*Single bed 1.2m

Lakeside Deluxe Twin Room

  • 50 sqm
  • Twin beds
  • 1-3 F
  1. Extra Bed: CNY150/night
  2. 2*Single bed 1.35m

Deluxe Suite With Hot Spring Pond

  • 40 sqm
  • lit/Twin
  • 1 F
  1. Can't extra bed
  2. 1*Double bed 1.8m or 2*Single bed 1.2m

Présentation générale

Code postal:510970   Ouvert depuis:1953   Rénovation la plus récente en:2018   Nombre de chambres:220   Zone commerciale:Conghua Hot Spring Tourist Area
Guangdong Hot Spring Hotel Guangzhou, Il est situé dans la ville de Hot Spring West Road, situé à Conghua Hot Spring Stream Riverside.
Il appartient à l'une des bases d'accueil des affaires gouvernementales du Comité provincial du parti et du Gouvernement provincial et a été construit en 1953.L'environnement du musée est magnifique, avec une superficie totale de 326 Mu et une surface de construction de 30 925 m.²,La petite source de soda radon est connue sous le nom de « première source chaude de Lingnan » et de « source chaude rare dans le monde ».Dès les dynasties Ming et Qing, il est devenu une attraction touristique.Il s'agit de la première base d'accueil et de récupération hivernale de notre chef d'État, connue sous le nom de « capitale hivernale de la mer de Chine méridionale » par les dirigeants de l'État.De nombreux dirigeants du parti et de l'État, ainsi que des dirigeants de différents pays, des dignitaires étrangers et des amis internationaux, ont séjourné ici pour discuter des affaires d'État, étudier les questions de développement économique et social et mieux comprendre la situation du peuple.
L'hôtel dispose de plus de 200 chambres. L'eau de la source chaude de bicarbonate de soude est disponible 24 heures sur 24. La température de l'eau de la source chaude est jusqu'à 71 . C'est une source chaude rare dans le monde.Le restaurant Taoran a été classé comme un restaurant national de cinq diamètres avec 800 places.Il dispose d'un centre de conférences international et de 11 salles de conférence moyennes et petites, équipées d'équipements avancés tels que des LED / projections multimédias.Les clients bénéficient gratuitement d'installations récréatives, y compris une zone de sources chaudes en plein air, une piscine intérieure chauffée, un tennis de table, une salle de gym, un parc d'enfants, un jardin de soins de santé de Tianyi, une vallée verte de Baishi Mountain, un musée de littérature et d'art de cuixi Binshe, etc.

Équipements de l'établissement

Petit déjeuner
Prix du petit-déjeuner: Demandez à la réception pour plus de détails.
Type du petit-déjeuner: à la carte
Arrivée: à partir de 14:00      Départ: jusqu'à 12:00
le centre commercial Parking gratuit Coffre-fort à la réception restaurant chinois Chauffage zone fumeurs le restaurant Étage non fumeur Salle de réception Repos pour les voyageurs non professionnels Surveillance CCTV dans les espaces publics Étage exécutif Wi-Fi dans les espaces publics (gratuit) Journal du lobby
Service de location de voitures salle de conférence service de blanchisserie Service postal Compartiment de bagage appel du matin service de livraison Aire de jeux pour enfants Nettoyage à sec Service de repassage service de conciergerie Fax / copie spa les services aux entreprises Service de mariage Service de règlement par carte de crédit Enregistrement et départ express Service chinois 24h / 24 Paiement unique Réception non ouverte 24h / 24
Équipements en chambre
Pantoufles pour enfants Brosse à dents pour enfants
Gym court de tennis salle de tennis de table salle de billard Court de squash Terrain de basketball Piscine intérieure
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FAQ à Guangdong Hot Spring Hotel Guangzhou

But:4.3/ sur 5.0
Green mountains and green waters, fresh air and some old facilities of the state guesthouse do not affect the mood
[Stay in Standard Twin Room]
Authentic hot spring
[Stay in Deluxe Suite With Hot Spring Pond]
The environment was OK. My wife said she liked the air there.
[Stay in Standard Twin Room]
Comfortable environment, sanitary and clean, complete facilities, a good place for leisure and health preservation.
[Stay in Standard Twin Room]
Yes, the environment inside is quiet. Bring the old man to live. The old man is very happy.
[Stay in Standard Twin Room]
The environment is very good and worth experiencing
[Stay in Standard Twin Room]
Clean and elegant, the room is large and the environment is very comfortable
[Stay in Deluxe Twin Room]
I can only say it's really stupid! And the deluxe suite... It's too old and dirty. I'm not too picky. It's really unpleasant to go in! I don't know if the hot spring is true. It will wrinkle when soaking your finger skin. Oh... There are quite few hot springs... There are only four or five pools... Fortunately, the surrounding environment is very good... Tea in that restaurant is quite expensive! The price is close to the white swan! And the front desk is dishonest! My husband paid the deposit, I don't know... The front desk didn't return it automatically! Let us lose 200 yuan! There will never be a second time!
[Stay in Deluxe Twin Room]
It's the eighth time. Needless to say, it's very good because it's very good.
[Stay in Standard Twin Room]
The scenery is first-class, the courtyard is beautiful, with culture and history. The house I live in this time is on the first floor of Cuixi. It's damp and I feel wet on the bed. There was a sound of water pipes in the middle of the night. It should be that someone upstairs was putting hot spring water indoors. Breakfast was noisy.
[Stay in Deluxe Twin Room]


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