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Lotus Hill Park

The lianhua north central located in shenzhen, because like lotus mountain named, is the central zone of the largest public green space, where the winding path leading to a secluded spot, lush. Lotus flower is the most important shenzhen municipal park, is one of artificial lake, kite square, dredging, YeFeng Linda grass grass and a leisure, the landscape is rich, natural landscape, overlooking central area on the top of the mountain the whole picture.Lotus is not steep mountains, is only 532 ... View Detail

Fairy Lake Botanical Garden

Shenzhen Fairy Lake Botanical Garden is located in northeast suburb of Shenzhen City, Shenzhen, the first peak of the Indus East Forest Hill, west of the Shenzhen Reservoir. Founded in 1983, formally opened in 1988. Is a research, science, tourism as one of the famous botanical gardens and scenic areas. Save a total of more than 6200 kinds of plants botanical garden, has a Cycad Preservation Center, Magnolia Park, rare Arboretum, palm garden, bamboo, shade plants in the desert flora, a hundred ... View Detail

Splendid China Folk Culture Village

Splendid China is a smaller version of attractions across China, nearly 100 park sites in the territory of China according to the location distribution, the whole park is like a huge map of China, although smaller than the local real precision, but dozens of people in step from the sense of solemn silence within the Ming Tombs to swim poem like Li River landscape painting, from the highest pay their last respects to experience the most magnificent Potala Palace, the Three Gorges steep upright, ... View Detail

Window of the World

Pilin Splendid China Folk Culture Village, is a set of world wonders, historical sites, natural scenery and folk customs in one of the major theme parks, landscape wonderful, wonderful show.Area is divided into the World Square, Asia, Oceania, Europe, Africa, Americas, modern technology and entertainment district, the World Sculpture Park, the International Street nine scenic spots and build a miniature landscape with 118, including the pyramids of Egypt and Carl ng temple, Angkor Wat in ... View Detail

Children';s Park

Shenzhen Children's Park has resumed business and children in the city can now opt to go to the park for bumper car rides again.Children's Park is located in Luohu district in Shenzhen. Admission to the park is free but amusement rides cost separately. There isn't that much variety of rides at the park, but the prices are quite cheap - which attracts many locals to bring their kids to the park for recreational fun. Rides available a the park include a water ride, a recreational pool, ... View Detail

Kowloon City Plaza

Shenzhen longcheng square is located near the Shenhui Road which is in front of the Government Building. It covered with the areas of 150,000 square meters. It is also a large mayor plaza invested by the government and the construction completed in June, 1997. The plaza is in fashion design, special modelling. It is a modern art with high technology. Shenzhen longcheng square is the largest general cultural square in Guangdong. It is known as the turn of the century, the city landmark building ... View Detail

Lo Wu Cultural Park

Lo Wu Culture Park to be regarded as a cultural theme park type inside the facilities, cultural programs, entertainment, performing arts what the very rich, very cultural atmosphere, and the traffic is very convenient, is a good place for leisure holidays, thethe park is located in the downtown area, there are a variety of cultural activities, painting and calligraphy, chess, vocal art exchange center, like an oasis in the desert. very cultural. Weekends folk Taiwan has a Cantonese opera. To be ... View Detail

Lychee World

Litchi Park, which is famous for its luxuriant Litchi trees, thrived bushes, verdant grass and peaceful environment, is regarded as a green pearl in the downtown of Shenzhen.As litchis get mellow in the early summer, the park is garnished with green leaves and heavy fruits, which look like red clouds wafting here and there. The red litchi fruits are so fresh and attractive that make people's mouth water.Litchi Park is mainly landscaped with plants. The white plum trees stand quietly in the park. ... View Detail

East Lake Park

As the name of this park shows, East lake park is in the east of Luohu district. In fact, the artificial lake around this park is a reservoir which supply portable water for Shenzhen and Hong Kong. If you take taxi from train station(border), you just need to pay 20 yuan. The whole park is free except the amusement part for kids. East lake must be worth to you. It is an unbelievable big park.The park covered an area of 50 hectares, East Lake Park is a resort regarding to its natual beauty of ... View Detail

Wildlife Park

Shenzhen Safari Park is located in the north of Shenzhen, on the bank of the beautiful Xili Lake. The zoo combines animals, plants and animal performances, and is the first to uncage animals in China. More than 300 breeds of animals live here. Many of them are rare animals in the world or national protected animals in China. Pandas, giraffes, Asian elephants, red-crowned cranes, Siberian tigers and flamingos all could be found in this park.With green mountains to the north as its barrier, the ... View Detail