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Huangshan Weather

61F ~ 68F
Moderate Rain To Heavy Rain
W at 40km/h To 30km/h
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    Carp back at the Heavenly Capital Peak, and the odd risk known. Feet from the Heavenly Capital Peak, hand cable railings along the "ladder" to climb 1564 steps, that is 1770 meters above sea level at the stone stone bridge, here is an indispensable part of Dengfeng at the top. This stone stone bridge 10 meters long, wide 1 meter ,a thousand meters cliffs on both sides , deep and inscrutable, its shape resembling the fish come and go in the back among the waves, hence the name. Top to bottom, steep slope of 85 degrees, wind and cloud case of Chung, as though the mountains shake stone moving, climbing is particularly thrilling.

    According to legend, in the distant ancient times, there is a carp, carp to the Yellow River every year, followed by skip "Dragon door " . But it did not know Skip how many times, always jump over the gods tell it: "You have done a good thing for the world, we can skip the Dragon door." It swam to the known as the "Yellow Sea" in Huangshan, a look at the road leading to the Heavenly Capital Peak is cut a canyon, visitors can not climb, so to arched back, to become the visitors when the bridge. Hundred thousand years have passed, I do not know how many visitors come from its spine. One day, it's god who suddenly pointing to the Heavenly Capital, said: "Small carp, you are flooded with merit can go jump into a dragon goal. But the small carp changed his mind, it is ready for the day all my life peak tourist services, would not want to skip any "Dragon door"..