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150 years ago, when the colonists set foot on this strange land Shanghai, the Huangpu River to fancy this beach. So, this is the boatmen and the hard labor was taken to the fiber channel. After a hundred years of construction, tall buildings, busy. The coexistence of classical and modernist buildings, has become the symbol of Shanghai.

Bund, north outside the White Bridge, south to Nanking East Road, is about 1.5 km east of relying on the Huangpu River, the west side is the 52 buildings of various styles, the essence of the Bund is that these are called "World Building Expo" The Bund buildings. Bank of China building well-known, andPing Hotel, Customs House, the former HSBC building reproduced the "Far East of Wall Street" style, which although not from the same building, a designer, it is not built in the same period, but they are basically building a unified tone, the overall contour line treatment amazing coordination. Whether it is looked over, or wander the meantime, can feel a kind of energetic, powerful, graceful, luxurious and momentum.

Building<BR>AsiaNo. 1 Zhongshan Dong Yi, known as "the first floor of the Bund", built in 1906, the originalbuilding. 8 layers of its highBuilding area of 11,984 square meters, covers an area of 1739 square meters. Building exterior with eclectic style. Three sections for the cross-elevation, vertical three-step. Section and the upper end of both baroque style, the middle for the modernist architectural style. Building style and majestic, stately simplicity lacking in the gas. Phase can be described as yet so Yee, luxurious and elegant. Now the headquarters of China Pacific Insurance Company.

ShandongOrientalinLondonall the way <BR> 2, "Oriental London" is another name is Dongfeng Hotel, built in 1910, is building the RenaissanceBuild, appearance, both follow the example of American classicism, but also with reference to the Empire State Building in Japan and therefore I have not said this. It was established in Zhongshan Road 2, when Shanghai was the most luxurious club - Shanghai Association. Building on the first floor for the restaurant, the second floor of the International Seamen';s Club, the rest are rooms. Facilities throughout the hotel, beautifully decorated, worthy ideal for business accommodation. Used in building unique semi-circular iron fence elevator is manufactured by Siemens, dating back more than 90 years of history. Dongfeng Hotel is now located.

Enabling the buildingThe Bund 3, formerly known as the United Building, Bank of the United States benefit all, it said Mercantile Bank Building. Building built in 1916, 7-storey building as a whole to follow the Renaissance architectural style. Window frames to use more full of baroque art of changing rotating pattern, decorative door with Ionic columns, tall windows conducive to post-landing light, and increase the momentum building. The whole building is a door to the center axis of symmetry. Therefore gives a peaceful feeling. Is through private investment for the good of Singapore Limited.

The Nisshin Building, East meets West<BR> No. 5 The Bund, the Japanese modern architecture and classical Western architectural style of the day rubbing and clear the building, known as the "Japanese Jewish style." This building is cleared by the Japanese construction Kisen Kaisha Ltd. joint venture with the Jews. It was built in 1925, 6-storey building covers an area of 1280 square meters, the end of three relatively simple decoration, the three classical columns and carved floral, concavity strong. The building facade are posted puzzle with granite, and other buildings in the Bund each other. Jin Hua Xia Bank and now the Industrial Corporation are used.

Imperial Bank of China Tower


The Bund 6, 1897, opened its first self-financed Chinese bank - Imperial Bank of China. This building is a false four-story Gothic building. Spire the building has five levels of the fourth floor, there is the original cross. Third, the four small steeple. The fourth layer is the tip of the building coupons shaped window, and a second floor is a typical Gothic style of the flower window lattice windows. This building is about to walk over a century, the meaning of European architecture far more than stay in the historic and artistic. It can be said is that it marked a financial history of China opening of the page. Now the Hong Kong Parkview International Enterprise Co., Ltd. is located.

<BR>Great Northern Telegraph Company Building,No. 7 Zhong Shan Dong Yi, is a Renaissance-style building. The focus on building a unified, symmetrical, stable, very particular about the facade decoration. Each have adopted the classical style columns, or for loading, or just as decoration. Variety of windows around the graphic, three-dimensional sense of strong, similar to the Baroque. It';s black and white top of the window in sharp contrast. Also lose a sense of elegance. This building is now Bangkok Bank Shanghai Branch, since 1908 has been completed, it has changed hands four times, first known as the Great Northern TelegraphCompany building. Now the Royal Thai Consulate General in Shanghai and Bangkok Bank Shanghai Branch location.

China Merchants Tower
The Bund 9, as China';s own modern ship the first business enterprises - China Merchants was founded during this period. Merchants built in 1901, the building is three blocks west to the east of the brick. Is protruding from the bottom of the door frame, the main entrance on both sides of the arched windows Gochang, two, three facades decorated with a classical column. Building partial wall with granite veneer. China Merchants Bank Building 19 can be regarded asLate 20th century century building typical of the Bund. Regardless of historic or artistic purposes, are worth some visual impact to go.

Shanghai Municipal Government Building, HSBC Building,No. 10-12 <BR> Zhongshan Dong Yi Road, is a new Greek architecture, was built in 1923, a former British business HSBC Shanghai Branch. The building boasted the United Kingdom was the Suez Canal to the Far East from the Bering Strait, the most luxurious buildings. When put in front of the building into two striking large copper lions, the lion is said to cast, the mold will be destroyed immediatelyThe. So that it became out of print treasures of bronze lions, the city has been the history of its development into the Shanghai Museum. This building on top of the octagonal hall, more than 20 meters above ground, there are 8 million units by the dozens only a few square centimeters into a mosaic of color mosaic murals. It is 4.3 meters wide, 2.4 meters high, respectively, depicts the early 20th century Shanghai, Hong Kong, London, Paris, New York, Tokyo, Bangkok, Calcutta and other eight cities in architectural style, and with a mythological characters, there are 24 to fairy tales in the form of animals, at the top of a huge mural fairy tale, with a total area of nearly 200 square meters. Another 28 to 13 metersItalian marble, natural stone, of which 4 with no mosaic stone, said to the world, only six, and the other two in the French Louvre. Pudong Development Bank Building is currently located.

Bund story: Some people say, "the story of the Bund is Shanghai';s Story", which Zuozuo Bund buildings of reinforced concrete, is not correct about the old downtown on the beach, dreamy past, witnessed the vicissitudes of Shanghai Century.

Reminder: Bund renovation has been completed, can now be a "barrier" to appreciate.


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