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   Huanxiu Mountain Villa is situated o­n Jingde Road, Suzhou, was originally the site of Jingde Temple of Song dynasty and Qianlong's private Garden in Qing dynasty. Its feature is mainly hill, then the pool water. huanxiu Mountain Villa is a classic garden, in which the artificial hills and houses cover about three quarters, while the water surface occupies o­ne quarter

   Suzhou falls within north subtropical monsoonal climate zone with abundant rainfall, clear seasons and temperate and humid climate. The four seasons are suitable for travel, especially from April to October.


   This man-made mountain, with high peaks, dells, pathways, caverns, stone house, stone steps, ravines, precipices, gullies, bridges and cliffs, has a natural appearance. At its summit are towering old trees, and at its foot, murmuring streams. It is surrounded by pines, cypress, yulan and so o­n. The trees form a green wall and flowers send out fragrance, adding vitality to the surrounding mountains, ponds and architectures. The artificial hills made by Ge Family covers o­nly half mu, whose main hill abruptly stands in the southeast, the inferior hill erects in the northwest, the water is winding and the green trees set off o­ne another. There are dangerous roads, caves, valley, stone sculpture, flying beams in the hill, just like the natural o­nes.