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In Hui (former Jixian) Dongbei Yu. Ming Dynasty (1573-1620) Jane Wang Zhu Yi Liu Lu built.

Height of 25 meters from east to west 35 meters, 19 meters north and south, masonry structure, no beam no rafters, wall mounting with built Whitehead, the provision of two mountains with one stone coupons door for people up and down. Assemble the first layer of cross-arch, surrounded by open the door, from the east and west sides can be direct to the roof overlooking the city.

The roof of the original hall, the name "Chong book building" for the king and his son Lu Jane books, used in painting, has been destroyed, left alone, "wishful Square," a. Place four columns of three or four A top, top to bottom over the carved stone "Erlongxizhu" "Pavilions "," elders birthday "and" Lotus "and other designs, skilled. Shihfang banners inscribed" sincerity Square, "the words, engraved pillar couplets. Pillar stand drum stones, carved lions and flowers squatting design and elegant, fine carving, stone carving art of the Ming Dynasty Quality.