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Million by the Chinese Movie Village scenic mountains Guo Liang Village, Nanping Township quiet, Miss Luo Fairyland Village, Taoist shrines Zijingshan four scenic composition. Major landscape Grand Canyon Red Rock cliffs, video village, cliffs promenade, Heavenly Lake, Lotus basin, Bailong, shouting spring, sun and moon rock stars, Black Dragon Pool Waterfall, Wufengshan Lin, Huanglong Cave, grinding Jianfeng Luo sister Walled , Sun Bin Quan, gourd peak, Shichiro peak, Zijingshan other than 200, there are natural, human, there is movement, there is leisure.

Here or cave of the world. Million the Red Dragon Cave Scenic mountains, Bailong, Huanglong cave, stalactites hung upside down mix of form and spirit of theDifferent and fascinating. There are million dong Guo Liang scenic mountains.

Million, scenic mountains of the world is stone, stone wall, stone grinding stone, stone table, stone bench, stone kang, muddy reach the peak of the farm courtyard with stone, blocks of row after row, the mountain is located in homeopathy to stand like a wall of the cliff Chihiro , do not have a village atmosphere.

Guo Liang million hole scenic mountains, 1200 meters long, and the roof is the rugged rocks, drilling, leaving the natural stone pillars supporting the top gallery, forming a cliff of "lighting the window."


Located in the northwest part of the Taihang Mountains in Henan Province, Xinxiang Huixian hinterland, 150 km away from Zhengzhou, Xinxiang City, 70 kilometers away from.


60 adults, students half-price 35 yuan.