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Located 5 km north of the city full of Changyuan material Township School Village East, 1978 announced the county heritage conservation units. According to "spot" carries: "Formerly employed among the nations and the four disciples of Confucius (Zi Lu, has clarity, Ran You, the public West) chord chant here, twenty years before school gang." Future generations in the post on the temple, as a memento.

The temple was built in the Han, Tang, Song burgeoning, Bing Huo Yuan was no deposit, tomorrow along three years (1459) reconstruction, the Ming and Qing dynasties scores of upgrading, has become large-scale North of ancient buildings. The main building are: Ling Xing Gate, Dacheng Hall, the ancient altar pavilion, "spring, Hua-yu," two kiosks, and other studies Church. Xingtan existing kiosks, Xingtan Pavilion, Xingtan Beiting and Ming and Qing inscriptions 6 pass.