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Scenic mountains and by the Su Baiquan Lake composition. Su Taihang Mountain is an offshoot, is ten thousand mountains eastward to where the roots of the formation of a mountain. The Taihang Mountains in the Road River mountains of rock crevices along the sutural million squeezed from the east, to the Dasu Hermon, from the mountains south of the stone up the sky and sinus spray to form Baiquan this rippling lake. The mountains of water, cross matched to form a beautiful and scenic natural landscapes.

Baiquan Lake: located in the center of Northwest li Hui Xian Su Shan Mountain, 2.5 km northwest from the city. Because of the lake throughout the spring, hence the name Baiquan, springs burst out from the Crypt, Numerous such as the penetration beads, also known as Pearl Spring. Key units in Henan Province.

As early as the Shang Baiquan three thousand years ago that cut the line, fifteen years of the Qing Emperor Qianlong (1750), to prevent discharge, masonry around the shore, spring lake into a rectangle. Lake area over thirty-four thousand square meters, four to five regular flow, maximum depth of three meters, the water temperature is about twenty degrees year round, cool, green water seasons.

After renovation, alteration, it has become the Central Plains region famous classical gardens, large and small, 90 types of various ancient buildings, the architectural style of existing small and the south, fresh and beautifulThere north the magnificent, magnificent, set architecture is a north and south, plus the beautiful natural landscape, was hailed as "Plains Summer Palace", "North Little Lake."

Lake View: Yongjin "," spray Jade "," source of Hope, "" put the fish "," wash heart "," dismount "all standing kiosks along the lake, the design simple, exquisitely carved shape. Including:" Yongjin Pavilion "for the most, more than fifty inscriptions booth embedded blocks, a great writer Su Song in Yuanyou this years tour, brush sick book "Su Shan Yongjin Pavilion," the six characters. famous patriotic general Feng Yuxiang lake built in 1928 booth stands tall"People';s Baiquan" monument, cut out the vicissitudes Baiquan resume. Was built in the Yuan Dynasty Ching Fai House, was originally the garden of the Yuan Guo Zizhong, Cooper Court, surrounded by week, Willow whirling.

Su Shan: the north shore of the lake, just 184 meters above sea level. Hill is not high, but the immortal name. Patriots for many celebrities ages, men of letters stop brush, making it the country into a place of many famous mountains and rivers.

One of the North Song Wuzi was born, the famous Neo-generation learn and master Shao and Ming and Qing Dynasties of China, one of three well-known scholar of Confucianism Sun Qifeng. Sights, enchanting charm, history has attractedCelebrity Patriots this seclusion, tours and lectures, such as high-Jin Shi, Sun Deng; "Bamboo Grove"; Tang Dynasty poet Chia Tao, WU Dao of the artist; Song writer Su, Neo Zhou, Cheng Hao, Cheng Yi; gold on behalf of the poet Yuan; Yuan Zhong Shuling Yelüehucai, Xu Heng, Yao literature; Ming Tang Yin, Huang Hui, Wei Yunzhen; the Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong, Banqiao so, they face the charming Castle blue, recalling the tragic, or Fu Man poems, or ink painting, leaving the precious ink treasures.

Fun at the fountain Baiquan landscape, the United States in Su, Xing attractions. Known for Silk Castle, its heritage renowned Plains (RiverSouth of the ancient name.)