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Located 13 kilometers north of Xinxiang City, is located in the suburbs. Was excavated, but its unique landscapes. Spring election within the rock cliffs above the stone steps, strategically located outside the frame to ladders; bridge with springs, river side of the road, winding streets.

1974 to 1975, there have been seventeen heads of state, delegations from 130 countries and regions Linquan visit, spoke highly of the Masterpieces miracle.

Water quality within the area identified by the analysis of relevant state departments; old man spring water is rich in selenium, strontium complex of natural mineral water. Major elemental selenium has anti-cancer, anti-aging, beauty, and the prevention of cardiovascular diseaseAnd other effects.

The main attractions for visitors to watch are: the year two thousand people for the best in the world while dining pot; three springs well, Three Springs Falls, Martyrs, Springs Pavilion, Pavilion ancient spring, spring in the Pavilion, ha frog stone, fish-scale Shi, Shen Xiandong, Lingquan hole, Chun Wang Sea, Majestic, rain Villa, General Chun Yu Gong Yu Gong statue and cultural attractions like the other more than eighty.