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Existing Bigan Temple, the Ming Dynasty Hongzhi seven years (AD 1494) built by Emperor Hsiao Tsung, the temple is the tomb of one of the important buildings, is the first person with Muji Temple, known as the "First Temple . " Is a national key cultural relics protection units.

The temple Hong Chang, simple and spectacular. The main building by a Shinto temple, screen wall, gate, two doors, Beilang, wood workshops, side hall, hall, etc., with a total construction area of 4.7 million square meters. The temple holds a lot of important heritage value, its calligraphy, sculpture, architecture has a very high quality and historical value. Special templeColor plants happy Parker, Parker board, no cabbage formed a unique natural landscape.

Bi Gan: It is the history of the dead king';s loyal remonstrance, known as the "best in the world benevolence." Historian Fan Wenlan in the "Compendium of Chinese History", the Xia Dynasty to the relationship than dry, and every dragon, Warring States Period of the Yuan, the three countries, with Zhuge Liang and Tang Wei Zheng Zhijian as outspoken patriot.

Bi Gan';s birthday commemoration: the Bi Gan Lin Dynasty in the world. Hui Bigan Temple, the world Lin root. Hui municipal government since 1993, annual commemoration of the birth of Bi Gan, Lin children at home and abroad have come to worship Yezu Hui,Bigan descendants of the temple has become a festival at home and abroad than dry Ye the Holy Land.

Temple stele everywhere: from Confucius in the Spring and Autumn Period to the Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong sword pro Kebei book Yubei, 64 pass, covering almost all the dynasties in China history.

Confucius sword inscribed "Yin than dry tomb" monument, is so far only found in authentic Confucius, known as "the best in the world monument"; Emperor Xiaowen of the "Tomb of the Emperor Wen Bi Gan Yin hanging" According to legend, a famous calligrapher for the Northern and Southern Cui Hao book for Rubbings top quality; Yu Shu Qing Emperor Qianlong of the "Yin Taishi tomb had felt" as correct the handwriting, the pen rhyme thorough grace, beautiful and dignified, a king of the wind; Gallery on the leftThe fourth through stone, written by the Qing Liu Xilong Script "three generations of lonely guys" four characters, magnificent, dignified and decent.

There are fine monument in the Emperor';s "Taishi Bi Gan Chao Feng Yin", "Ji Yin Taishi than dry text", Liu Min Yuan Dynasty in the "amnesty repair than dry tomb" and so on. These are the name of the monument world is China';s rich treasure house of ancient art of calligraphy.


Located in the Weihui City, fifteen kilometers away from Xinxiang City.