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The Revolution Park, covering an area of 150 mu, is located to the north of Xi'an's Xiwu Road. It was founded in February 1927 to commemorate the military and civilian casualties when the National Army of Shaanxi struggled to defend Xi'an on the eve of the Northern Expedition. Moreover, tombs, the Martyrs' Shrine and the Revolution Pavilion were built in the park for visitors to pay their respects to the victims. In the fountain in front of the Revolution Pavilion, there is a Taihu stone, which, according to legend, is a relic of the Tang Dynasty (A.D.618-A.D.907).


Take Bus 4, 10, 11, 33, 102, 103, 117, 303, 307, 301, 707, Tourist 8 (610), then get off at the Revolution Park Station.

Ticket: Free