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Xianning Spa is located in the hinterland of central China, Jiangxi north east, the Antarctic Xiao Xiang, facing west toward Chu, north of Wuhan in Wuhan, Huangshi, Ezhou ladies party dresses, Yueyang and other major urban core areas, 86 kilometers from Wuhan, Beijing-Guangzhou railway, In Jianwu wide high-speed railway, 106,107 National Highway formal evening dress, Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway passing through, superior location and convenient transportation. Xianning (now Haman area) is the hometown of the famous Chinese Guihua, China spa town, tea-growing area, the hometown of a thousand bridges, bamboo township, township of caves, the forest coverage rate of 55% or more pleasant weather 2010 prom dresses, is Central China holiday resort.