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The Daoguan River  Scenic Spot is located 69km to the east of Wuhan's city center. It has an area of 47 sq. km, the summer daytime high temperatures are 4 to 5 degrees Celsius lower than in Wuhan. The mountainous scenic spot is an ideal place for vacation and escaping urban heat wave. Unlike other rivers in China, the Daoguan River  is flowing from east to west. Initially, "Daoguan" meant "the water of the river is being forced to flow in a reverse direction". During the Eastern Jin Dynasty, a Taoist monk came and admired the beautiful landscape here so much, he built a house for himself and attempted to produce elixir successfully. The monk was regarded as a man obtained the highest state in spiritual enlightenment. Using the similar pronunciation in Chinese, "Daoguan" is changed to another meaning, that is, "The Holy Sight of the Taoism". The Daoguan River Reservoir was built in 1956. It is responsible for flood prevention and mass irrigation. The gigantic reservoir looks like a giant silver bell enchased among the verdant hills. The scenic area is now a tourist attraction in Hubei Province. The Zen Temple of Gratefulness is built funded by a master monk. It has the honor to return of the Sleeping Buddha Statue from Myanmar. Weight 9 tons and 6m in length, the Buddha statue is made of a single piece of white marble. On the reservoir, there is the World's Precious Stones Exhibition Hall. It has 8000 sq. m of construction area and is divided into 10 sections, which collect thousands of handicrafts that are made of precious stones from around the world.

The Audio-Visual Scientific Exchange Center is established by the Wuhan Television Station. It comprises the facilities of TV studios, The Scientific Exposition Hall, International Cultural Science Exchange Center, Recuperation Center and The Botanical Garden.