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Lushui Lake is located in the Chibi City Hubei Province, is the national key tourism scenic spot. It is famous for great soldier of Dongwu garrisoned here. There are more than 8,000 islands in the Lushui Lake, for the biggest island is more than 100 hectares and the smallest one likes a tiny boat. The water quality in the lake is clear. On the water is greenwaves, full of fishing boats and speed boats.

Lushui Lake Scenic Area is well-known as peaceful mountain, green trees, clear water and pretty island. It is the happy hunting ground to summer leisure, travel and holidays, sanatory rehabilitation and water sports.

The main scenic spots: three gorges test dam, Songjia City, exotic amorous feeling island, folk paradise and lucky island.


Lushui Lake: CNY100

Boat ticket: general CNY15, luxury CNY28