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Bohai Soong Ching Ling Children's World is located on the left side of Chuanzha Road New Port Tanggu District. It is built in 1988 and sponsored by Song Ching Ling Foundation). Here is beautiful landscape, chic building, and is a large amusement place for seeking knowledge, entertainment, living.

In the park, there is divided into indoor and outdoor for the entertainment, including Wisdom Palace, Underwater Adventure, Entertainment Room and so on. There are two museums of history and natural in Wisdom Palace, using models, specimens, pictures, meterial objects, vedio to show the long history and abundant resource of China. To play imitate underwater adventure, you can take the simulative submarines go into submarine maze, then see all kinds of animals and plants under the water by televition. The Entertainment Room on the second floor has computer games, health goals, electronic toys. Out of the room, there are sightseeting bus, joy round, palmerworm trainset, rotary bee, bumper cars, bicycle, swimming and so on. In addition, there are five villanette full of building characteristc of the Zang, the Miao, the Dai, Korea, the Gaoshan. You can board and lodgingand experience national customs there.