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Litchi Park, which is famous for its luxuriant Litchi trees, thrived bushes, verdant grass and peaceful environment, is regarded as a green pearl in the downtown of Shenzhen.
As litchis get mellow in the early summer, the park is garnished with green leaves and heavy fruits, which look like red clouds wafting here and there. The red litchi fruits are so fresh and attractive that make people's mouth water.
Litchi Park is mainly landscaped with plants. The white plum trees stand quietly in the park. The deep-rooted rubber plants rise from the ground with its long tree beard dropping down the ground. Embracing the gentle breeze, the king palms erect straightly. All these together draw a beautiful southern scenery picture. There is a small stone path of more than 200 meters, beside which are thousands of bamboo plants swaying as the breeze breathes. The weeping willows beside the lake are just like the graceful southern damsels. With its green world and beautiful scenery, the Litchi Park is full of vitality and life, which makes people pleasant and intoxicated.
Address: Litchi Park, Futian District, Shenzhen City
Open time: 00:00-23:59
Transportation: By bus (Bus stop: Litchi World): 10, 13, 24, 30, 105, 202, and 228.
Weekdays: 20 yuan / person; the price is different in June to July. You can enter the park to taste the litchi.
Adults: 40 yuan / person; Kids: 20 yuan / person
Group rates(over 20 people): 30 yuan