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Mao Zedong';s former residence

Mao Zedong's former residence at Jiaxiu Lane, Maoming Road is the place where he used to live in Shanghai in 1924. This is an old house in Shukumen (stone-gated) style of 1920's and 1930's, with the stele erected at the lane entrance bearing the words "Jiaxiu Lane", the ground paved with dark green bricks, and the dark green brick walls engraved with the quotations from Mao's poems. Once you step into the this old lane, you can not but get the feelings of old Shanghai ... View Detail

Former Residence of Cai

In October 1937, Cai Yuanpei, a renowned educationist, moved from his old residence at Yuyuanlu to Haigelu (present-day Huanshanlu). On November 2 of the same year, he took the lead to send a telegraph to the Nine Power Treaty Conference together with Li Zhaohuan, Weng Zhilong, He Bingsong and Zhu Kezhen, presidents of the Jiaotong, Tongji, Jinan and Zhejiang universities, respectively, appealing to the convention to stop Japan's aggression of China and to punish its atrocity of wantonly ... View Detail

Chen Yun Memorial

The Former Residence of Chen Yun and Qingpu Revolutionary History Memorial Hall is a biographical exhibition hall which displays the whole life of Chen Yun and the glorious history of socialist revolution and construction of the Qingpu people.Chen Yun was a great politician, proletarian revolutionary and eminent Marxist. Being the inaugurator and the founder of Chinese economic construction, he won great respect and love from the Chinese people due to his marvelous contributions to China. The ... View Detail

Xu cemetery

Xu word first child, was born in Shanghai in 1562, is a distinguished scientist of the late Ming. He translated the "Elements" the "big test" and other books, and edited in ancient China a relatively complete scientific work of agriculture, "Agricultural Policy book." Xu Catholic faith before his death, so death to the tomb built in the southwest of the Catholic Church, was listed as a "national heritage conservation units." Traffic Bus 11,23,18,66,43 way to get there. View Detail

Yuyuan Garden

Yuyuan Garden is known as "urban forests" reputation, and "Qixiu A in the Southeast," said the south of Shanghai famous classical gardens, with 400 years of history, is a national key cultural relics protection units. Yuyuan Garden is said, usually include several busy streets into the Yuyuan Garden and Yuyuan logo zigzag bridge, pavilion and so on. Zigzag bridge, pavilion: as a sign of the Yuyuan Garden, zigzag bridge length of 18 meters, 2 meters wide. Full-bridge and grass from the white ... View Detail

Old Temple

Located in the bustling City God's Temple Tourist Area, Shanghai Old City God's Temple is one of the most significant Taoist monuments in the Shanghai region, boasting a long history of approximately 600 years. Occupying an area of 1,000 square meters, the temple consists of six halls: Huoguang Hall, Jiazi Hall, Plutus Hall, Cihang Hall, City God Hall and Queen Hall.Three Bodhisattvas are worshipped here in the Old City God's Temple, and they are Qin Yubo, Huo Guang and Chen Huacheng. According ... View Detail

Gu Yi Park

Guyi Garden, located at NanXiang town in Jiading district, belongs to the AAAA level group of national tourist attractions. It is also one of the oldest tourist attractions of Shanghai.Guyi Garden was built by Ming Siji, an appointed officer in Henan province during the reign of Jiajing Emperor (1522-1566) in the Ming Dynasty. It was originally named "Yi garden". The name was inspired by the poetic essays in two books called "Si Jing" and "Qin Fu". "Yi" here means a beautiful sight of bamboo. ... View Detail

Drunk white pool

Drunken Bai Garden, is located in Renmin Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China. The Garden itself, including its previous incarnation, dates back to the Song Dynasty. Today, it occupies an area of 5 hectares and is considered to be one of the five ancient chinese gardens in Shanghai, the others being the Ancient Garden of Elegance, Yu Garden, Garden of Autumn Vapors, and Garden of Zigzag Stream.Drunken Bai Garden has a architectural style of Chinese traditional garden which was inherited ... View Detail

Qiu-Xia Pu

Located in Jiading District, Qiuxia Garden (also called Qiuxia Pu Garden) is the one of the top five classical gardens in Shanghai. It was first constructed in 1502 of Ming Dynasty (1505-1526), and served as the private garden of the mansion of Gong Hong, Minister of Works of the Ming Dynasty.The ancient buildings were designed delicately with an elegant composition, look like gardens within gardens, and one view within the other view.As one of the five classical gardens in Shanghai, Qiuxia ... View Detail

Moller Villa

Shanghai Hengshan Moller Villa is a small-sized but top-quality boutique heritage hotel, located on the intersection of Yan'an Shanxi Road.Set up in 1936 at the beginning, it covers an construction area of 2,989 square meters. The 3-story building has been gone through many changes after 65 years history. Presently, Hengshan Group begins to make fully renovation for the villa on the basis of preserving its original architectural style, appearance and its structuralread more system. The hotel ... View Detail