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Yalong Bay is a 7.5 kilometres (4.7 mi) beach located southeast of Sanya City, Hainan Province, China. It is also known as the Yalong Bay National Resort.

Yalong Bay is honored "the first bay in the world", situated in the same latitudes as Hawaii and enjoys similar temperatures and weather conditions, about 25 km east of Sanya. The sea off the beach is so clear that visibility can reach almost 8 m, reflecting the blue sky and white sand beneath the depths. The average water temperature averaging 25.1 C and never dipping below 22 C. It is an ideal place for relaxation, water sports, snorkeling and scuba diving.

Regarded as the best beach in Hainan Province[who?], many internationally-operated hotels have been constructed in Yalong Bay, including the Sheraton Sanya Resort, Marriott Hotel, The Ritz-Carlton Resort, and Holiday Inn Resorts. Several domestically-operated hotels including Resort Horizon, Mangrove Tree Hotel, and Cactus Resort have also been constructed.


Yalong Bay, which is rare social restaurants, but the booking of hotel with buffet breakfast, generally, the major hotels there are all kinds of barbecue buffet, restaurant, bar, consumption more expensive. Can also choose to go to the city';s seafood stall suffered seafood and affordable. See Sanya food.


Yalong Bay hotel distribution, distribution of family hotel
Mainly four-, five-star luxury hotel, gathered in the bay, the sea and the second sub-sea line, the three hotels (Marriott, Hilton, Sheraton) was the most famous, expensive, see Sanya accommodation.

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Pure Sanya Yalong Bay Resort (Home)
Check Bay Sheraton, Marriott, Hilton';s real sense


1. Taihe bus
Route: West Point - City - the East China Sea - field independence - Yalong Bay. Every 30 minutes.

2. New Country Line double-decker tour bus (open upper shelf, lower air-conditioning):
Course: Yalong Bay - East China Sea - Sanya Bay - West Island Ferry - ends of the earth. Half-hourClasses, early bus departure at 7:00 from the Bay, around 19:00 last train back from the ends of the earth, travel about 70 minutes to tour speed, full fare of 10 yuan (by road charges).

Airport to Yalong Bay about 90 million, the East China Sea - Bay of about 40 yuan, from the Bay of cactus - the Hilton about 10 million.
Yalong Bay hotel or resort reservation road products, and more with free hotel pick-up bus. Sanya Pass road car service also, as detailed shuttle bus schedule Sanya, Sanya Tips shuttle buses, cars can take advantage of the hotel shuttle bus between the three major Bay, visit the various attractions.

If the AirClass time and the shuttle bus is inappropriate, you can take the double-decker sightseeing bus or the new country of Pakistan to the East China Sea line department store summer, the road in front of the hotel fine, Jizhao to stop. Can wait until ten minutes, with 40 minutes, tickets 5 yuan; then 8 from summer merchandise transfer bus to the airport, stopping urban supermarkets Wang Hao, the terminal for the airport, 5 yuan tickets, train a lot, with 40 minutes.

Yalong BayCenter Plaza Tickets (including Shell House): 56 yuan / person.
Bay Butterfly Valley Tickets: 26 yuan / person.
Bay Package Price: 69 yuan / person (including the central square, the Shell Museum, Butterfly Valley), such as living in the Butterfly Valley Resort across the cactus, with the keys to 10 yuan for package (specific to consult the hotel after the date) .
& Nbsp; other entertainment expenses for reference
1, boat, 100 (plus 30 per coach fee). Swimming, swimming circle rent 10 yuan / hour, if you rent or washed clothing storage box will need another subject to talk about water, 10 yuan (the case is one of the red water is a talk about the price);
2, beach volleyball, 20 yuan per hour;
3, pedal boat, a80 ships, floating 80. Glider 480.
4, diving 388.
Sea sports many different options is different, and see sports and activities.