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The love Hill in Sanya Luhuitou Park, opened in 1989, is located in the Luhuitou Peninsula in the southwest of Sanya and covers 82.88 hectare with five hills and the highest elevation reaching 181 meters. The hilltop park is noted for being an execellent place to have a look at sea-view and sunrise and Sunset or get a bird's-eye view on downtown Sanya.

Love Culture

Main Attractions "Luhuitou" sculpture is based on Hainan Li built a beautiful love story, 15 meters high, is the highest sculpture in Hainan island, and become of sculptures Sanya, Sanya is known as the "Lucheng." Sanya Luhuitou is to have to go, it lets you have unlimited sweet loveVision.
Other cultural attractions also love "love" Cliff, "tie the knot" Taiwan, "even the heart lock", "husband and wife tree", "Sin deer tree", "sea stone dry not bad," "joking" statue "Eternal Love" stone and so on. International Wedding Festival ends of the earth each year, couples are bound to eachother here, the situation set for life.

Ecological display

Luhuitou Park Forest Nature Reserve, Sanya is the core urban area, is a type of evergreen tropical seasonal rainforest, rich in plant species, many endemic species of national and Hainan Province.
In addition, the park has opened up a corridor Li folk culture, Li village-style "Rose hold" and Li performing arts, and the "harvest map" Li totem stone, showing the colorful customs of the Li people.

Beautiful love story

According to legend, in ancient times, one Li Fingers chasing a young beauty from the Eld';s deer to the South China Sea, is under the ocean in front of the cliff, Eld nowhere to go. Youth was about to bow Nock, suddenly saw a flash of fire, smoke vacated, Eld';s deer when I look back, in the nine-color glow of Li into a beautiful young girl, moved to the Li instant youth, so they go for love and ResultsSettled down for the happy couples, this mountain which is called "Luhuitou." This is with the Yunnan "Ashima", Guangxi, "Third Sister Liu" and called China';s three major ethnic love story of "Luhuitou" story.

Luhuitou Park is located southeast of Sanya City Luhuitou Peninsula, is surrounded by the sea side near Sanya City, to "love culture" position, known as "Love the South China Sea Mountain" in the world.

Here is look at the sea and watch the sunrise and sunset climb the high ground, in the small hilltop overlooking the city and the East China Sea in the picture. Sanya Bay at night to stand in the background of photographic lighting Luhuitou good.Night of the annual Mid-Autumn Festival, to be in the two ends of the earth Luhuitou Park Scenic and colorful celebration activities, venues and garden activities, "Lushan celebrate the General Assembly."


Here are the most of China';s first full-pool villa Banyan Tree Resort Sanya, Sanya is currently the most luxurious resort hotels, housing prices in the three thousand or more.


1, from the urban area to take a taxi (5 yuan foot of the mountain, the mountain can be 5-8 per.)

2, 2-way ride in the bus station, "the East China Sea to the air," or to "field independence" of the green car to Luhuitou Station (1 million), sit tricycle up the hill to the entrance area (about 2 million).

Tickets; CNY45

Opening Time: 7:00 - 22: 00